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"The selfsame T-shaped 16 kwh lithium ion fire and viagra cheapest prices 1.4 L 4 chamber make..."

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Chevy Adds Another Member of the Volt Family


Some interesting Earth Day news comes from Chevy. It's a new Volt, which is being unveiled in China today: "Chevrolet is leveraging Auto China 2010, which starts today in Beijing, to introduce the Volt MPV5 electric concept. The five-passenger multi-purpose crossover concept demonstrates the potential of the Voltec propulsion system by utilizing the same foundation as the Volt, for gas- and tailpipe emissions-free electric driving."

The MPV5 uses the same Voltec propulsion system found in the cheapest cialis prices Volt. "The same T-shaped 16 kwh lithium ion battery and 1.4 L 4 cylinder generator is used, but in this configuration only has an EV range of 32 miles, with an additional 300 miles of gas range on a full tank."

The Volt MPV concept is slightly bigger in all dimensions, as well as being in a crossover configuration. The Volt MPV5 has a slightly longer wheelbase, and is about 7 inches (181 mm) longer, 3 inches (73 mm) wider, and 7 inches (182 mm) taller than the Volt. The Volt MPV5 also offers 62.3 cubic feet (1764 liters) of cargo space with the seats folded and 30.5 cubic feet (863.7 liters) of space with the seats up.

GM obviously believes in the REEV platform they have developed with the Volt. Although there are no production plans for this concept vehicle yet, it is good to see potential alternatives that could leverage GM's work and reach other consumer segments with different versions of the electric car concept.

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Are they joking?
written by Carl, April 23, 2010
Chinese people will not buy a US brand in preference to Chinese merchandise. GM will fail with this car unless pay big bribes to car showrooms.

written by Doc Rings, April 23, 2010
This might be a nice one-two punch to introduce the PHEV cars to America in a big way: classic volt sedan and the Volt MPV5 crossover.

Made of awesome nerdfighter
written by Alex graboyes, April 23, 2010
YES! An electric car that dosn't look like it will flatten upon impact with anything heavier than a bird!!!!!

I will be buying my first car in a few years, and I'd be willing to wait for a volt.
written by Paul Barthle, April 23, 2010
This would be great for me! I have an '03 Kia van gas hog, but live 1.5 miles from work. I wouldn't need to start the gas engine except weekends. It's big enough for my family but smaller than Chevy's hybrid Tahoe.
written by James McRitchie, April 28, 2010
Looks like a winner. Work is just try! rx online cialis about 15 miles away. I'd only need to fill up once a month or so. Of course, I'll need the Chinese price to be able to afford it.
written by Top Savings Plan, May 04, 2010
The selfsame T-shaped 16 kwh lithium ion fire and 1.4 L 4 chamber maker is old, but in this constellation exclusive has an EV limit of levitra dosage 32 miles, with an added 300 miles of gas grasp on cheapest cialis prices a good vessel."The Volt MPV thought is slightly bigger in all dimensions, as shaft as beingness in a voter configuration. The Volt MPV5 has a slightly someone wheelbase, and is almost 7 inches (181 mm) long, 3 inches (73 mm) wider, and 7 inches (182 mm) taller than the Volt. The Volt MPV5 also offers 62.3 boxy feet (1764 liters) of consignment character with the room bifold and 30.5 solid feet (863.7 liters) of type with the room up.

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