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APR 23

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"I think it would be a refreshing change to see this happen. It's about..."

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Sungevity Wants to Put Solar Panels on the White House (For Free!)

Solar company Sungevity is offering President Obama a free rooftop solar power system for the White House and viagra femele to get his attention they've launched the Globama campaign.

Sungevity is viagra pills offering the 102-panel, 17.85 kW solar system, installation and warranty as a free donation, at no cost to the Obamas, the government or tax payers.  The only costs associated with the panels would be the upkeep and maintenance.  In case the president isn't comfortable with the $107,900 donation, they're also offering a 10-year lease of the equipment at $537/month with maintenance and monitoring included.

To sell the idea and to get us all onboard, Sungevity created a website,, where the company has laid out a full quote, detailing the financial aspects, utility savings, technical information and environmental benefits of the installation.  Also at the website, you can sign a petition asking the levitra online pharmacy no prescription president to accept Sungevity's offer.

According to Sungevity, the solar array would reduce the White House electricity bill by 81 percent, or $1,610/month.



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Carter did that, Reagan tore it down
written by Alain, April 24, 2010
Make them easily removable. One of the first actions of the new Reagan administration was to cialis for erectile dysfunction remove the panels put on the west wing by Carter.
written by tealfixie, April 29, 2010
Dont think this will ever happen. Good idea, but not likely.
Solar has great incentives and rebates
written by Jack Timber, May 01, 2010
Hey guys the other day I was watching TV where some guys were talking about using solar at home.They were mentioning about some energy tax credits that IRS was offering. Now my question is what is the cost of installing this solar stuff and cheap viagra professional where do we like it best place levitra I get it from? I went to Best Buy and Fry’s but couldn’t find anything.One of the guys told me to visit freecleansolar(dot)com and do some research. I did got a lot of discount levitra levitra info from this website and convinced myself to use solar power.Any other opinions???
written by Randy, May 22, 2010
Hi Jack

Visit they guaranty the lowest prices on a solar system or your system is free.
written by Randy, May 22, 2010
Sungevity is a company that offers solar leases. A solar lease is one of the biggest scams out there. All you're doing is renting your roof to these companies so that they can make a whole bunch of money. And I mean a whole bunch of cash. Even a small systems can net a home owner well over a hundred thousand dollars in net income over the life of a system, but when you lease, all of that cash goes to the leasing company. When you lease you don't get the non prescription cialis cash rebate, or the 30% tax credit or the REC credits nor will you get over 25 years worth of income that the system will generate. And the worst part is, after making all those lease payments, you won't even own the system. You're giving all of this away to the leasing company. Unfortunately there are plenty of Solar Sheep out there that will sign a leasing contract and will lock up their roof for 10 to 20 years and give it all to levitra profissonal canadian pharmacy the leasing company. A much better option is the new government sponsored PACE financing programs that are popping up all over the U.S. Unfortunately once you sign your roof away in a solar lease, you can no longer participate in a PACE financing program until the lease is up.
Why Not??
written by Portable Solar Panels, July 05, 2010
I think it would be a refreshing change to see this happen. It's about time the World's leaders set an example to follow.

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