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MAY 03

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"This tent-like solar fabric is cialis cheapest absolutely awesome! This is really ama..."

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Tent-Like Solar Fabric Could Charge Cars, Help with Disaster Relief

Imagine being able to pitch solar tents in situations where you need both some protective cover and pfizer viagra 50mg access to clean energy -- perhaps as a car port for a  plug-in EV or a disaster relief shelter.  A new tensile solar fabric from FTL Solar could be used in variety of ways and, as a bonus, it isn't an eyesore either.

A great example of highly functional design, the PowerMods as they're called bring together super-strong fabric and thin-film PV.  The possible uses for this solar fabric are almost endless:  battery charging stations, medical units, military bases, temporary housing, energy pods for remote villages, solar arrays in city parks, etc.

FTL has four different models of buy viagra discount the similar viagra PowerMod, including smaller-scale lean-tos and large car-park arrays.  You can check out the specs for each model here.  Each of the models' outputs are calculated on five hours of sunlight ranging from 1,068 Wh a day for the smallest model to to 2,040 kWh a day for the largest.

via Michelle Kaufman

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written by sarah, May 04, 2010
very cool.
thumbs up
written by Fluxfox, May 12, 2010
That is pretty cool. I would love to have something like it in my trunk if I had an EV.
Solar tents for consumer should follow
written by Brooke, May 12, 2010
This is a great idea and it's only a matter of time before there are consumer tents that allow us to plug in our laptops and cellphones into our tent to charge them.
written by wally144, May 13, 2010
Fantastic development! Would be ideal in disaster situations - i.e. earthquakes, floods, in fact, anywhere power was lost. You could fly in a whole 'village' with its own self-contained electricity supply wherever it was needed. This is certainly an idea that governments could support.
written by Magic Mesh, September 01, 2012
Now there ARE tents you plug your laptops etc into smilies/smiley.gif
amazing tents
written by gertrude pelletier, March 13, 2013
This tent-like solar fabric is absolutely awesome! This is really amazing!

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