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MAY 06

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"We instal biomass boilers every day, but I've never tried burning napp..."

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Japan Turns to Adult Diapers for Fuel

Japan's population is getting older.  Their birth rate has declined, and with that, a drop in production of baby diapers.  But conversely, the production of adult diapers has risen seven percent in just two years, hitting 5 billion units last year.  Leave it to Japan to turn an increase in adult diaper waste into a great fuel making opportunity.

Enter Japanese company Super Faiths who has created their SFD Recycle System machine that automatically shreds, dries and sterilizes dirty diapers from hospitals and nursing homes, and turns them into fuel pellets.  These bacteria-free pellets can then be used in biomass boilers and stoves for home or water heating.

Unlike the diaper-recycling plants that exist in Europe, these machines can be installed directly at the source.  A hospital in Tokyo has two machines that process a total of 1,400 pounds of disposable diapers a day.  It takes a day for the where can i purchase levitra diapers to only here cialis super active become fuel material.

Super Faiths has three different sized models that can process from 330 to 1,102 pounds of diapers a day.

via CNET

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This is just the first step
written by Lillian, May 06, 2010
It is only a small step from recycling the diapers worn by the elderly to recycling the elderly themselves once they pass on.
written by dialtone, May 07, 2010
anything into oil
written by Doc Rings, May 07, 2010
Too bad they don't just collect all the dog poop everywhere in Japan... that would be a plus.

written by Poida, May 07, 2010

If we compare how much energy it take to convert them to fuel & the savings of that fuel VS the normal process...

Which is better for Japan
Which is better for the shredder makers?

Which is better for the environment?

Biomass Boilers
written by biomass boilers, July 27, 2010
We instal biomass boilers every day, but I've never tried burning nappies in them!

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