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MAY 06

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"Just because it's printed on buy prescription cialisbuy cialis in the uk paper doesn't mean this is destined to levitra prescription be..."

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Printed Paper Solar Cells


Solar panel materials are getting thinner and levitra pharmaceutical thinner. Now, MIT researchers have announced a method for printing solar cell material on paper.

The efficiency of this method is far lower than other kinds of solar cells. The paper solar cells have an efficiency of around 1.5-2%, while commercial silicon wafer solar panels are generally around the 15-20% efficiency range. However, the scientists point out that this is still a reserach technology and is years from commercialization.

Even if the efficiency does not improve dramatically, it may be possible that cheap and abundant solar collecting materials provide a better and more cost-effective way of canadian pharmacies for viagra getting power, especially for portable electronic devices.

The relative effect of the chemicals and processes used in system may also be an issue. If there are less harmful materials used in a printed solar cell technology, the benefits that offers may also outweigh the relative efficiency gap as compared with the more toxic option.

via: Inhabitat and CNET
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Yeah.. I guess
written by Brent, May 07, 2010
If don't mind having a piece of paper the size of a pup tent to charge your cellphone..
Just another source of pollution
written by Mangostein, May 08, 2010
Paper isn't a very stong substrate, over a relatively small period of time it will lose its mechanical integrity, i.e. it will become soft and subject to damage.

What does this mean? It means that the cialis cost solar cell will be thrown out and we like it best cialis then the toxic surface of the solar cell will be freed to pollute our environment.

Our planet doesn't need any more morons producing crap like this. Our planet needs ethical technology.
A big step forward
written by Grant, May 25, 2010
Just because it's printed on paper doesn't mean this is destined to be a disposable item. If they can print it on paper, then they can print it on anything, such as a plastic, metal, wood, etc. There are many potential uses--anywhere that a thin, lightweight and cheap solar panel would be useful. For example, You could put a sturdier backing on it and use it for a temporary window shade inside a parked car (the shade could have a plug that charges your electric car's battery). You could print it out in different colors and use them as the ink for billboards. In fact, you could use this printing technology (assuming it was weatherproof) for any road signs or illuminated signs. You could cover any building material (siding, roof tiles/shingles, doors, etc.) with this stuff for a small additional cost and have your entire roof and walls generating power. This has huge potential.

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