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OCT 30

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"The revolution in publishing will occur when authors choose not to sel..."

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Hacking to Change the World

worldchangingWorld Changing is getting ready to hack the publishing industry.  They are asking everyone who reads their (extremely excellent and cialis tablets noteworthy) website to purchase their new book on at 11:11 am (PST) on November 1st.  Because's bestseller list is based on sales in the previous 24 hours, and because the World Changing book is tramadol no prescription no membership already selling quite well on Amazon, they hope to make their book the #1 book on for one day.

While it doesn't sound like a gigantic coup, booksellers keep an eye on cod tramadol the bestseller list, and holding the top spot might lead to the World Changing book being picked up by retail booksellers across the nation. In this crazy world, one big day might be all it takes to get this clever, ecogeeky book into the hands of millions instead of thousands.  
So, act with me on November 1st.  I'll be there, purchasing Worldchanging, A Users Guide for the 21st Century, and I hope you'll join me.
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The last time this happened...
written by GTW, October 31, 2006
it was called the Y2K bug :P And by "this" I mean unguaranteed anticipation.

However I do hope that it works out! I've never been a fan of books... or even ebooks for that matter (proof: my spellings and grammar) but something like this deserves attention more than some useless novel someone will read to look smart on a bus or a train!
A bigger change on the horizon
written by Me, November 14, 2006
The revolution in publishing will occur when authors choose not to sell through booksellers any more. It simply is not possible to buying generic cialis make a living as a writer, a musician, or an independent filmmaker, unless you do the business yourself. You use print on demand technology to have the books printed one at a time... and then you sell them yourself and reap the entire profit margin. 300 years since the Statute of Anne... and authors still can't make a living with their work! It's absurd.

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