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MAY 11

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"Gotta go with Ron on this. How does it cut oil consumption? And, you..."

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GM Looks to Hawaii for Affordable Hydrogen

GM has announced that is partnering with Hawaii utility The Gas Company to develop hydrogen fueling infrastructure on the island of Oahu.

The utility produces hydrogen along with synthetic natural gas.  Through this partnership, it will tap into its pipelines, separate the get cialis cheap hydrogen from the natural gas and deliver it to fueling stations where it can be used by fuel cell cars.  GM says that because the hydrogen fuel will be delivered through existing infrastructure, it could be priced equally to or less than gasoline.

GM is essentially using Hawaii as a testing ground for ramping up its production and testing of fuel cell cars.  The company is working on levitra sale buy a fuel cell system that could be ready for commercialization by 2015 and this pilot project will help pave the way for its launch.

This project is great for Hawaii too as the island state is an ideal location for fuel cell cars for a few reasons:  it has an abundant source of hydrogen fuel, it has a great need for a clean alternative to petroleum (it currently imports oil for 90 percent of its energy needs) and the state has made commitments to cialis medication reduce petroleum use and to get 70 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

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Ideal location
written by Anita Pearl, May 11, 2010
Hawaii is also great because PEM fuel cells run better with higher humidity levels. Some places in Hawaii are dry so its even better if you want to test the car in different micro-climates. Good news. So do they liquify hydrogen like BMW or keep the viagra uk cheap it as gas?
written by Ronald Brak, May 12, 2010
Let me get this straight. The Hawaii gas company makes synthetic natural gas from oil, so they are going to use oil to make synthetic natural gas to make hydrogen which they will then use to power cars. And they say this will cost the same or less than gasoline in the state with the highest energy costs in the US? Doesn't seem likely 'cause my chemistry book says you lose a lot of viagra uk prescription energy doing stuff like that.

You know, if the goal is to make cars move, they could just eliminate one or two steps there.
Hydrogen Makes A Lot of Sense
written by jjpro, May 20, 2010

The hydrogen produced is cialis professional online a by-product of the synthesized natural gas, so why not use it in a non-polluting vehicle? You get an over 60% reduction in CO2, along with an over 90% reduction in criteria pollutants. This makes a lot of sense. The fuel-cell vehicle is 3x as efficient as a gas-burning one, so your cost per mile will be less than a conventional vehicle. This is a win-win-win-win proposition. The customer wins, the environment wins, the suppliers win, and the islands win.

When you really look into hydrogen, it is a true winner; that is why Germany, Japan, South Korea, and others are moving toward hydrogen-energy technologies for transportation and other needs. The automobile manufacturers have done the math. People in this country ought to listen.
It's still using oil
written by Tony, May 20, 2010
Gotta go with Ron on this. How does it cut oil consumption? And, you would certainly lose energy.
Looks like GM's relationship with Big Oil is unbreakable.

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