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MAY 14

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"Good for if we can only knock some sense into ourselves, w..."

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China's Telecom Sector Credits Telecommuting with Huge Emissions Reductions

China's telecom sector released a report this week claiming that it had slashed CO2 emissions by 48.5 million tons in 2008 by increasing telecommuting, a greater reliance on electronic data storage and it's cool viagra discussionsdiscount priced viagra more efficient logistics.  This savings is comparable to the amount of cialis now online emissions Sweden's entire economy is responsible for each year.

The report came from the WWF and China Mobile who had Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications carry out the study.  The report says the emissions savings came from all of the transportation, freight and paper and material production that was avoided by digitizing the sector.

The study also concluded that future increases in telecommuting could save up to 340 million tons of emissions in China by 2020.  Even better potential is how much is cialis seen in virtual meetings over air travel, which could save 623 million tons of emissions by 2030.

The report is slightly controversial because the growing energy demand of data centers is increasing emissions, but the report says that those increases are more than offset by the how to get cialis overall emissions savings.

via Guardian

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written by solargroupies, May 15, 2010
Good news. Sen Bernie Sanders (D-VT) announced at a recent geothermal energy forum that if the rest of the US had saved as much energy as our state in the past year, we wouldn't need to build any more power plants. Everything matters with energy consumption.
Veracity of Chinese information
written by Blake, May 15, 2010
Anyone who believes the statistics that come out of 50mg viagra uk cheap China must be either naive or stupid or both.

China is going to massively reduce its carbon footprint later this year when its property bubble crashes.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
written by Matt, May 17, 2010
While it is true that any statistic should be taken with a couple or grains or pounds of salt. Telecommuting can be a win/win/win. Since switching my office to my home, I've dropped a 25 mile (30-55 min) dirve each way from my day. That is a lot of gas not burned, and 1 less office. We closed our local office because everyone decided they would rather work from home. So I save money, my company saves money, and less energy is used. Its good all around.
CO2 again?
written by George, May 18, 2010
Seriously, our planet has had way larger CO2 emissions (yes, while humans populated it) and we were all fine.
American Pride
written by Carl, May 18, 2010
Good for if we can only knock some sense into ourselves, we could do the same.

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