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MAY 21

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"For all those ACTUALLY concerned about the wasteful nature of today's ..."

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Tesla and Toyota Join Forces

Toyota and Tesla Motors are embarking on a joint electric-car-building project, the companies announced yesterday.  The two automakers will form a specialist team that will concentrate on developing electric vehicles, parts, production systems and coordinate engineering support.

To really seal the deal, Toyota is purchasing $50 million of Tesla's common stock directly after the close of Tesla's planned IPO.  This partnership is obviously a boon to both companies.  Tesla is still a start-up company, so a large investment from an established automaker like Toyota will help them immensely.

Toyota will get the benefit of Tesla's electric car expertise and so-called "venture business spirit." With a commitment to have an all-electric vehicle on levitra australia the market by 2012, this partnership could help Toyota do so with a splash.

Tesla is also taking over the over night tramadol NUMMI factory in Fremont, CA to build its Model S and other future vehicles.  Up until last month, the NUMMI factory was used by Toyota to build its Corolla and Tacoma models.

via Tesla Motors

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written by Abhishek, May 21, 2010
Like “Solar thermal” startups, Electric Vehicle startups like Tesla,Fisker,Coda require large amounts of capital to go into production.The continuous need for large capital infusions makes partnerships with established companies with large balance sheets essential . I think some of these ventures would be eventually be absorbed by the Honda’s and Toyotas of the world.
Does this mean warp speed unintended acceleration?, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Julie K., May 22, 2010
Their partnership seems more than reasonable, electric cars have future, Toyota has a lot of experience with hybrids and Tesla already proved it can do a good job. But I think the biggest problem electric cars face is the insufficient (or better to generic cialis next day delivery say non-existing?) network of order generic levitra charging stations. Car makers primarily need to address this issue...
written by Trob, May 24, 2010
Hopefully the old NUUMI manufacturing facility will carry on the effective team culture of Toyota and relinquish the old GM ghosts. A potentially world-changing and timely partnership indeed.
written by bigjobsboard, May 25, 2010
I think this will open way for the viagra 24 hour delivery best hybrid cars in the world! with Toyota's hybrid expertise and Tesla's electric car expertise, can anything still be impossible?
written by Laurent J. Masson, May 26, 2010
This is a great news for Tesla Motors, but I fail to understand what Toyota will gain from this partnership. They made the RAV4 EV all by themselves 12 years ago, and their hybrids show that they have a lot of knowledge about electric drives.
no agreement
written by bill, May 29, 2010
Toyota and Telsa have NOT entered into any formal agreement:
DC grid please
written by mee, June 04, 2010
For all those ACTUALLY concerned about the wasteful nature of today's electric grid


Tesla transmission grid conversion will prevent the heinous waste that is the AC system we all now suffer

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