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JUN 02

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Scientists Make CO2-Capturing, BPA-Free Plastic

Here's a neat discovery that solves two problems at once:  scientists have identified classes of organic chemicals that can capture CO2 from the cost of cialis atmosphere and then be used to make safe (BPA-free) plastics.

BPA, a chemical with a growing list of health concerns, is commonly used in rigid polycarbonate plastics (about 2.7 million tons are made every year).  Researchers at the Institute of where can i get cialis Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore have found a way to follow link best price generic levitra make a BPA-free polycarbonate plastic through a process using chemicals called imidazoliums and N-heterocyclic carbenes that "grab" CO2 molecules and bond them with epoxide molecules.

The process removes CO2 from the atmosphere and makes a safe form of plastic for drinking bottles, CDs and other typical BPA-laced containers.  If that weren't enough, this process also gets rid of the need for petroleum in the manufacture of plastics, which would reduce the material's carbon footprint even further.

via Yale e360

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Plastic is the future...Again.
written by Goat Herder, June 03, 2010
This is exciting news if the process gets picked up by many companies. How far does the use of this type of plastic go? Metal can liners for acidic foods or plastic bags even. Which leads us back to a major concern about plastics; Does it biodegrade? and/or is it recyclable?
written by Doc, June 03, 2010
But is it carbon neutral? Yes it binds CO2 from the atmosphere, but what about the energy to make it? Still, anything that keeps us from using dino-oil to make plastic is a huge step forward!
stop the wicked CO2 producers?
written by mee, June 04, 2010
How will this stop the wicked people from exhaling?

Anything with less BPA is good
written by mkass, June 07, 2010
There's some much in our normal environment that is toxic and can accumulate in our bodies that a product that would be in common use without BPA is good. Here's a video about how these things can get in the body:

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