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OCT 31

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$7 Trillion: Cost of Not Acting to Prevent Climate Change

200px-waterworldA review comissioned by the levitra no doctor Brittish government, compiled by Nicholas Stern, former chief economist at the World Bank, has estimated that the cost of unmitigated climate change could be as much as $7 trillion in the next forty years. That's about 20% OF ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD.

The extremely scary piece of information is accompanied by a polite suggestion that we spend 1% of the world's money RIGHT NOW, in order to avoid that fate. "We can pay one percent more now," Stern explained, "We can grow and be green."

I agree. I'd be happy to how strong is 5 mg of cialis pay one percent more in taxes, I'd even vote for a sales tax to that effect, and I live in a sales-taxless state (and love it very much.) But I think I'd give it up to avoid the "greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen."
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written by Jack Meyhoff, November 01, 2006
Sad that our governments (the people that we PAY and VOTE in to represent us) are doing it for the cheap discount tramadol WRONG reasons (money). It feels too surreal that they are acting, while their action is welcome, it is it's cool viagra order not based on the correct reasoning and overdue.

Sad that these people think they control us. WRONG we control them, we are not accountable to THEM, they areaccountable to US. They work for US, we do lowest cost propecia uk not work for THEM.

We owe it to cialis 30 mg ourselves to stand up and remind them of these facts.
written by Jack Meyhoff, November 02, 2006
Look around, who do you think has the most power, the enties that you go to work every day 9 to 5 as a cog in a machine, or the people on the street? The elderly and the children of the future?

People and life should be the ONLY entities of power, not corporate entities ( it all went wrong when the railroad in the US was ligitimised as an ENTITY ).

Stand up and fight it, do you have brand loyalty? Why?

Moral shopping has the POWER, buy what you need not greed.
written by Me, November 14, 2006
$7 trillion is 20% of all the money in the world? Do you know what the usa national debt currently is? $9 trillion. It's time to sit down and puzzle that one out.
written by Lawrence de Martin, June 29, 2007
The official Gross World Product (Income) this year will be about $45 trillion. Asset value is more difficult to find, but I'm guessing it is considerably bigger. Still, $7 trillion is a lot considering how large a chunk of the World's net worth is hyper-inflated US Real Estate, and that the current level of consumption can only be maintained by continued leveraging that false value.
written by chris, June 30, 2007
and yet we are spending billions of dollars, adding up to our multi-trillion dollar deficit to kill innocent Iraqi women and children!?!?! i guess now we see where our fucking president's priorities are
written by Herb, June 30, 2007
Seven trillion equals twenty percent? Once again the "green community" succumbs to sensationalism to make a (weak) argument that flies in the face of the real facts!!!!

Hmmmm...nine HUNDRED years ago global temps were higher than they are now!!! Too many SUV's back then I guess, too many big corporate "entities" poluting the prestine environment.

Global change huh? That's right, it changes constantly. Sure, we need to be mindful of what we're doing. I don't want polluted air or water but the "green community" is trying to lump everything into one neat little package. Thanks, now everyone can pay more for everything because it is now 'poltically correct' to have a "green" conscience.

Fine companies HEAVILY for breaking environmental laws. Throw the CEO's and the like in prison for breaking laws. Make it a capital crime to break environmental laws, but for crying-out-loud, global warming (oh, excuse me, the politically correct term now is global change) has been around for a long time regardless of what we're doing.

Again, the "green community" seeks sensationalism and looks really stupid in the process. ENFORCE current environmental laws!!!!!!!! That IS the solution!!!!!

Now excuse me while I go take some Gas-X so I don't fart and some "greenie" accuse me of contributing to ozone depletion (or is that addition????)
written by William Birchall, July 22, 2007
Climate change......5,5 Billion of us breath in and out every couple of online pharmacy no prescription cialis seconds. Us along with a whole by golly bunch of other animals and several jillion bugs produce enough excess CO2 to have the effect that all the Goreans abhor. It is very likely that the cyclic change in the insolation from the sun has a great deal to do with our world weather. Looks to me like we are the chattering asses or baboons, running in circles while scratching under our arms whle screaming the drug viagra sky fell in! Come on fellas, get with it!.....or would you rather follow Goreans down the road to online pharmacy no prescription cialis madness..
written by William Birchall, July 22, 2007
An addendum.....Isn't interesting that the seas, covering 7/8 of the earths' surface have a slightly alkaline pH, at least sufficient to convert a few billion moles of CO2 to CaCO3? Has any one considered doing a coring of an ocean bottom or two to get a feel for how much the level of CaCO3 has increased in the last little bit?....Or is that too simple?
um, Herb... hang on a sec
written by Dave Spicer, July 27, 2007
Yes, global temperatures have been higher than they are now. But that's no reason to jump to the conclusion that human-caused climate change doesn't exist.

There are naturally-occurring cycles which make global temperature fluctuate, but our problem now is that we've forced one of the parameters - atmospheric CO2 - artificially high. That throws the whole system out of balance. If you're at all interested in seeing what climatologists have to say about the various "contrarian" arguments like yours, have a look at
written by Canal boat holiday, January 14, 2008
I would pay some taxes for that too. I mean... this would probably save us later from some problems. And i really believe that a tax like this won't cost too much!

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