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JUN 03

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"A world-record demonstration run is very different from regularly sche..."

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China Unveils World's Fastest High-Speed Train

It's becoming clear that China is on its way to total high-speed rail domination.  The country is building the world's largest network of high-speed rail and along with that ambitious plan, China has just debuted the world's fastest train.

The new 380A train, also called He Xie, can reach speeds up to 236 mph.  The train will start running in 2011 on a new Beijing to Shanghai track that is currently under construction.  When that line is completed, the 380A train will be able to make the trip in less than four hours.

China has agreed to purchase 100 of these super-fast trains from maker Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., meaning a good amount of their growing rail network (an impressive 16,000 miles of track will be added by 2020) will run the 380A.

via Earth and Industry

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written by Michael Dyer, June 04, 2010
China is investing serious money and manpower in their future. This is fantastic. Not only are they getting a great mass transit system, but hundreds of people will be put to cialis canadian pharmacy work as well.

But we have...Amtrak. o_O woo.
World's Fastest ?
written by minguinhirigue, June 04, 2010
World's Fastest ?

It didn't even match french Transrapid !

See it :
written by Ralf, June 04, 2010
the Transrapid is a German designed and built system, and the only line in existence to date is in Shanghai, nothing French about it...
written by Piers, June 05, 2010
Do you meen the German Mag-lev Transrapid or the French TGV? The latter used to hold the high speed record for scheduled operation but was overtaken by the cialis sale buy Chinese last year. The Transrapid, as it floats on an electro-magnetic field, is not strictly speaking a RAIL train. It is, in theory, faster but has questionable ecological credentials
French TGV holds the world record
written by PoorPlanet, June 09, 2010
I believe the fastest train to date is the French TGV with a record speed of 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) in 2007.
You can find impressive videos of the world record on Youtube.
written by CommonSense, June 28, 2010
A world-record demonstration run is very different from regularly scheduled service.

The TGV world record run took place on a newly-completed stretch of track, not yet opened to other traffic. The test train consisted of viagra online shop two power cars, with only a single passenger car. It was modified to have larger wheels, less weight, a more streamlined aerodynamic profile, and more powered axles. The catenary was placed under tighter tension, and the voltage was boosted.

On this very same stretch of track, in regular service, trains currently run no faster than 320 km/hr (approx. 200 miles/hr).

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