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JUN 04

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Pedal Your Way to a Charged Cell Phone

Nokia has just unveiled a pretty cool way to charge your cell phone without hitting up the grid -- a bicycle charger kit.  All you dedicated cyclists out there may never have to top internet cialis web sites plug your phone into a wall again.

The Bicycle Charger Kit mounts onto the handlebars of your bike and includes a holder for your cell phone.  The charger plugs into the phone and then your pedaling does the work.  The faster you pedal, the faster the phone charges.  At just shy of 4 mph, the charging starts and if you can up your speed to 8 mph, the phone will charge as fast as being plugged into a wall outlet.

This kit is only for Nokia phones, but I wouldn't be surprised if other companies adopt the technology soon as well.

So, whether you're looking for another reason to get on buy cialis online cheap the bike or just searching for an off-grid charging solution, this gadget's for you.

via Gizmodo

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written by Aurélien, June 05, 2010
Plus, if your phone has a GPS, you just got the discount viagra viagra perfect kit for bike-hiking around ! I need that.
written by Mike, June 06, 2010
When I was a kid (a long time ago) bicycle generators were very common, they were used to produce power for the lights. I rectified the output and ran my transistor radio from it as well.

What is so groundbreaking about this? Sounds like a consumerist toy to me.
written by Chamoky, June 07, 2010
As Mike said there's actually nothing new about this. I still have a dynamo powered light for my bike. My younger brother has a torch that you power by a small handle which has adapters for his phone too. Its old technology with a new spin.

Although having said that I'm glad that old school style is being refurbished.
And when i was a kid...
written by StephenL, June 07, 2010
We could power flashlights, radios, and clocks from one said it was ground breaking, its just a green friendly technology that companies are bringing back to use with more sophisticated tech
other gadgets rechargeble by riding a bike
written by frisbee, June 09, 2010
In Holland most recentely a few bicycle-dynamo type chargers were tested. They can charge your phone, I-pod, camera etc. The only drawback on these chargers is the time it takes (and pedal power) to charge most of the stuff...
Besides, it makes me wonder if the energy put in production of these things will not outweigh the energy they produce. But that concern also goes for small PV cells.
A Bicycle Braking Energy Recycler?
written by Robert Schreib Jr., June 09, 2010
Hey, what if they could use the usefull link cialis generic same thing in elelctric cars, a braking energy recycler, that recharges the car's batteries whenever the car rolls downhill, and transisterize it to fit in bicycles? LOTS of extra juice that way!
written by Preston Edwards, June 10, 2010
This shouldn't be news. How long has this technology be around?
Not to be negative, at least if you are riding your bike you ARE doing something good.
Power to the people!
written by Ronald Brak, June 11, 2010
At first I thought this was just an overpriced toy for cycling enthusiasts. But this charger was actually designed for use in poorer countries where access to electricity is often unavailable or very expensive. It is going on sale in Kenya for $18. While that's still a lot of money for the average Kenyan, I imagine that soon there will be many cheap knock offs made in China and other countries. Maybe they'll even be made in Kenya.
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