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JUN 11

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"When they get this baby up to a reasonable cruising speed and where can i buy cialis size, it..."

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New World's Largest Airship 'Stratellite'


In a further sign that airships are making a comeback, the first model of what is now the world's largest airship has been recently launched. The Bullet 580 measures 235 feet (more than 71 meters) in length, more than 40 feet longer than the Goodyear blimp (though not nearly as large as airships of the past such as the Hindenburg or the USS Macon).

Compared to heavier-than-air aircraft, airships are relatively slow, lumbering vehicles. But what they lack in speed they can more than make up for in the best site to buy ultram time they are able to stay aloft. At present, the Bullet 580 can stay aloft for more than 48 hours, and it is expected it will eventually be able to remain in flight for more than a week. The Bullet 580 can fly at faster than lumbering speeds, as well - it can go up to 80 mph (129 kph) and has a cruising speed of 35 to 40 mph (55 to 65 kph).

The ability to buy cheap cialis online stay in the air for long periods of time is useful for both military as well as civilian uses. A high-altitude airship acting as a 'stratellite' fills a gap between conventional aircraft and satellites. The airship is orders of magnitude less expensive to launch than a satellite would be. It is capable of carrying a payload of up to 2000 pounds (905 kg) to an altitude of 20,000 feet (6,100 meters). Applications for such long-duration airships include use for surveilance in defense and security applications, survey of only today buy cialis now natural resources, agriculture, and forest fires, and telecommunications.

The Bullet 580 is expected to have a price of roughly $8 million.

via: MNN

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written by James Bond, June 11, 2010
Hi folks,
All this company has done so far is inflate a big bag in a sports stadium. If you look at their previous designs none of them were useful and were very underpowered in particular. I doubt this design will prove to be some game changer for the lighter than air industry.If you want to see more on modern airships, past, present and future see: or if you just want a helium sniffing laugh try the worlds only lighter than air comedy site, with lots of funny pictures and U tube links fit for all the family.
Regards Bond, James Bond.
(Skyship blimp pilot in a View to a Kill)

Not Quite Ready for Transoceanic Flight
written by Carol, June 27, 2010
When they get this baby up to a reasonable cruising speed and size, it will provide some competition for ocean going ships to buying levitra in canada travel to Europe from North America and back... Looks like that will take a while. But I would rather spend a week on a airship like this than 4-6 hours packed like a sardine into an airplane.

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