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JUN 30

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"All through the night. 26 hours!"

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Solar-Powered Plane Will Fly in the Dark

The Solar Impulse, a solar-powered, single-seater plane, achieved its first successful daytime flight just a few months ago and tramadol 180 overnight now we're about to see if it can fly at night.

The plane will takeoff from Payerne airbase in Switzerland on Thursday morning, fly around Switzerland and eastern France and then land early the next morning -- the plane's first round-the-clock flight. The team says the plane will need 25 hours of clear summer weather to successfully complete the the flight.

The plane's wings are covered in 12,000 solar cells which charge the batteries.  Those juiced up batteries are responsible for powering the plane's four electric motors and that power storage is what the plane will rely on when flying in the dark.

Since its inaugural flight, the Solar Impulse has completed ten daytime flights.  If this test is successful, the team will continue working towards its ultimate goal of flying around the world non-stop in 2013 or 2014.

via PhysOrg

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A Midsummer Night's Flight
written by Tom Konrad, July 01, 2010
I note that they're doing this first overnight test flight when the night is shortest in the northern hemisphere... probably smart but less impressive. I wonder if part of the "around the world" tactic will be to stay in the northern hemisphere in the summer or southern hemisphere in the winter. Is it really flying "around the world" if the flight does not cross the equator?
written by Hayley Cox, July 02, 2010
So does anyone know how far the plane made it?
written by Amy, July 04, 2010
Looks like the test was postponed due to a breakdown in the telemetry transmitter, (per their website update here: They'll hopefully reschedule soon though.

They made it!
written by Matej Golob, July 08, 2010
All through the night. 26 hours!

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