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JUL 06

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"With a 50kwh battery, a half charge is 25kwh. Done in three minutes, t..."

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Super Fast EV Charger Hits 50% in Three Minutes

EV charging is i recommend viagra online shop uk becoming serious business.  Better Place, Coulumb Technologies and others are competing to get their charging networks into the most cities, but so far there hasn't been a charging speed war among companies.  That may change soon.

Japanese company JFE Engineering has developed a quick charger that can get your car's battery from zero to 50 percent in just three minutes.  If you have five minutes to spare, you'll get a 70 percent charge.  By comparison, other quick chargers need about 30 minutes to hit an 80 percent charge and standard EV chargers can take all night to provide a full charge.

This type of unit is ideal for convenience stores where drivers could recharge quickly and be on their way, just as if they were filing up with gas.

Of course all this speed does come at a price.  The units will start being available for installation in Japan next March at a cost of $60,000 for a low-cost version and double that for the standard model.

via CrunchGear

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written by Seigi K, July 06, 2010
3 minutes is ridiculously fast - are there any numbers on how long it would take for a full recharge?
written by jrminvestor, July 06, 2010
Are you sure? 5 Min/70% JFE (Japan) vrs 3o min/80% Coulumb (US)? As an investor in Envision Solar (evsi) which uses Coulumb and is targeting restaurants I think $120,000 is cost prohibitive. Be interesting to see what generation 3 or 4 will cost. Hopefully huge drops at internet speeds!!!
But what does it do to battery life?
written by Tom Konrad, July 07, 2010
There's another cost I worry about: battery life. Charging a battery that quickly can't be great for a battery pack.
written by elji, July 08, 2010
Battery might overheat, but I guess the charger would "sense" it and stops charging if things get hazardous.
written by Logan, July 09, 2010
$60,000 - how does this compare to it's great! viagra canada generic a petrol pump unit, when you include the internet pharmacy propecia cost of storage etc...
written by Dave K., July 09, 2010
Bad for the battery and us old EVers know totally unnecessary, your car sits all night anyway, what's the rush? I almost never drive more than 100 milse in a day and if I do I take another car, or even rent one.
It's the most debated nonissue in this whole EV thing.
Don't sweat the load on the grid!
written by Ormond Otvos, July 15, 2010
With a 50kwh battery, a half charge is 25kwh. Done in three minutes, that's 20 times 25 or 500kw peak load. All they need is several 25 kwh batteries or capacitor banks continuously charged at 25 kw for an hour. The batteries are DC, remember and if properly cross connected will equalize their charges.

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