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JUL 06

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"Yes, these are european mileage figures and levitra online cheap the fuel economy tests are..."

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Chrysler Gearing Up to Bring Fiats to the US


Compared to some other car companies, Chrysler hasn't been mentioned too frequently in our discussions of greener vehicles, and for a while it looked like there might not be any more Chrysler at all. But now, Chrysler is getting ready to set up a new network of Fiat dealerships to sell the smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles of its parent company. There are expected to be 125 new dealerships to begin selling Fiat cars starting in December of this year.

The Fiat 500 will be a much more efficient vehicle than the Chrysler line. Preliminary specifications indicate we could expect something that may get more than 40 MPG highway. The least efficient of the three options listed (a 1.4 liter engine) gets 37 MPG combined, and the most efficient (1.3 liter Multijet) gets 56 MPG combined cycle and 65 MPG highway.

Chrysler is also working on an EV version of cialis online pharmacy the Fiat 500. A concept electric 500 was among the many electric vehicles at the tramadol legality Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, although there was no production information or detail available at the time. There is also a report of an Irish solar panel company working with Fiat to put printed solar panels on the roofs to help power air conditioning and heating systems and to maintain battery charge.

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written by Horacio Velez, July 07, 2010
Can't say for sure, but the mileage figures quoted here look like they're derived from British sources. If so, the raw figure needs to be converted from Imperial gallons to US units, which are smaller. Otherwise, mileage claims are exaggerated.

Then there's the reference to highway and combined milages, which would necessarily be based on the EU standard which differs from the US EPA standard, and not directly comparable.

Finally, the European Fiat 500 comes in both gasoline and diesel versions. The highest mileage figure looks like the diesel number, which it would be best to clarify.
written by elji, July 08, 2010
Yes, these are european mileage figures and the fuel economy tests are less stringent than the EPA tests. Figures shall be higher (MPG numerically lower) for the USA.

I doubt Fiat will import the diesel model.

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