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JUL 23

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"The baltic sea (north europe) is really a sad example of how years of ..."

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NASA Maps Growing Marine Dead Zones

NASA has created new maps showing the grim reality of cialis injectable marine dead zones.  These areas of deep water where oxygen levels are too low for marine life to survive have grown at a staggering pace since the middle of the 20th century.

The dead zones are created when fertilizer run off from crops makes it into the ocean, creating massive algae blooms.  When the algae dies, it sinks to the bottom where microbes decompose the matter, which consumes oxygen and overnight canadian viagra creates a suffocating environment for marine life.

NASA was able to located the areas where this was occurring by using satellites that detect high concentrations of particulate organic matter.  Those high concentrations are a signal of extra fertile areas that lead to only for you united healthcare levitra dead zones.

The dead zones are mainly located along the coasts of large population centers, with the east coast of the U.S. and the coasts of Northern Europe having the largest numbers of these zones.

Since the 1960's, the creation of dead zones has snowballed, with the total amount of area occupied by dead zones now equaling 152,000 square miles and 400 different ecosystems being affected.

via Yale e360

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Marine Dead Zones
written by Heather, July 25, 2010
There is levitra 20mg tablets a lot more to this story. You mention that microbes feed on dead algae, which creates an anoxic environment, but there are microbes that also decompose oil with the same effect. This would help explain the buy cialis pills large dead zone in the gulf of Mexico. I am curious now to know how recently this map was published and the reasons as to why it was made.
We have total disregard
written by Warren Pollock, July 25, 2010
We have total disregard for the human cost of our irresponsibility and kowtowing to a perversion of capitalism; law based and financial based capitalism.
written by Mike, July 27, 2010
Don't worry! If enough people purchase green consumer goods and kinetic energy powered flashlights, solar panels and hybrid vehicles etc we will enter into the marvellous new age of green pollution where everything is exactly as it was before (but is GREEN).

written by Fredrik, August 13, 2010
The baltic sea (north europe) is really a sad example of how years of agricultural revolution and canada viagra generic untreated sewage water... The former Sovjet states of visit our site buy levitra online cheap East Europe didn't have money to spend on sewage treatments, and are still struggling to buy cialis once daily get up and running.

Ecotoxicological surveys on fish, and of fish eggs show high amounts of tumours and high EROD activity... Which isn't good at all. One also find lots of misshaped fish... And the microbiological activity with the eutrophication makes sure that dead sea bottoms remain dead.

However, hard work and patience have made several bays in Scandinavia re oxygenated, and the lobster and fish populations have started to recover...

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