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AUG 13

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"It's interesting how "small" and "unexpected" communities are starting..."

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St. Lucia Harnessing and Exporting Geothermal Energy

St. Lucia, a small Caribbean nation on the Small Antilles volcanic arc is getting ready to exploit one of their greatest natural resources:  geothermal energy.

The island has entered into an agreement with U.S.-based Qualibou Energy to develop a series of geothermal plants that will total an installed capacity of 120 MW, enough for the island of 175,000 to use and export.  About one-third of buying real viagra without prescription that energy will go toward powering St. Lucia with the rest being transmitted to neighboring Martinique through an underwater cable.

This set up is ideal for St. Lucia and the surrounding islands not only because they are rich with geothermal resources, but also because they currently have to import most of their energy -- mainly petroleum -- from Mexico and Venezuela.  This project will provide them with clean energy and allow them to be energy independent.

The first 12-MW phase of this development will be generating energy in two years with the rest to come online by 2015.

via Yale e360

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Geothermal Energy
written by profilalouminio, August 16, 2010
Great story. Geothermal energy as well as wind energy could be the solution for sporadic islands all over the world.
written by Chandni, August 16, 2010
I think more places like this need to tap into their natural resources. St. Lucia is doing the right thing and hopefully, similarly, other countries will follow in their footsteps.
Small is beautiful
written by Karsten, August 25, 2010
It's interesting how "small" and "unexpected" communities are starting to pop up as sources of inspiration for others to follow!

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