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NOV 04

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"Here are some directions!"

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Bulb Lamp


Mark this one down under celebration of obsolescence. Usually, I get upset when things become obsolescent, especially things that required a lot of energy to make. But there's no way not to cialis fedex be happy about the light bulb going the the best place uk levitra sales way of brand cialis the oil this case, quite literally.

The Design is from Sergio Silva, and I'm very sorry that I can't remember where I spotted it.  That's all, just wanted to share.

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Looks beautiful...
written by GTW, November 05, 2006
but it seems more vulnerable than a petrol bomb! What if this thing rolls off a table on to your carpet? Makes sense not to have stuff made from toxic materials in your house! This thing's thin glass, round bottom without a stand and cialis daily availability oil is just asking for trouble... :-
written by anisha, November 10, 2006
i think it's quite cool to have one in my room..
written by rpn, November 10, 2006
Yeah, it is a nice concept but a scary molotov cocktail waiting to go off.

What is the oil? Wick?

Maybe a wax base would make it safer but still scarily unstable.
What is wrong with this picture?
written by ron, November 10, 2006
Light-bulbs are the epitomee of consumerism!
Think of it....waistful, inefficent, unchanged since Edison invented it!
I have been an electrician for 35 years and know a few things.
written by Marc, November 11, 2006
the oil its usually parafine oil, and it's not flammable...
Perfectly Fine...almost.
written by Kevin, November 13, 2006
I love the idea, and he is right, the oil just works as wax in liquid form. It isnt flammable, so therefore no molotov coctail. Even though I am in love with the way it just sits there, it i still a little unstable, I guess if you have a minimalist approach then go for it, but if not just get a wireframe to support it! That would work great!
written by Me, November 14, 2006
Yes, it's absurd that lightbulbs have been sold for a hundred years. Talk about planned obsolescence. That little filament is just itching to buy discount viagra on the internet break off of it's electrical contacts. In fact, the development of the white LED and other low electricity inventions, are what will power our society's changeover to more earth-friendly options, such as solar panels.
written by Celia, November 29, 2006
It's cute and fun. It would be charming and ironic in a blackout.
written by brad, November 30, 2006
A clear plastic coating may make in less likely to become a molotov cocktail. It wouldn't blow too wildly to begin with. Parafin needs a wick to burn ... yeah, I suppose if it fell on carpet ...
written by celia, March 01, 2007
If one puts this bulb on a stand, it would stay put.
An O-ring from a hardware store can do the job. It would only cost about a buck.
Alternatives to the best generic viagra prices incandescent bulb
written by Geert, June 01, 2007
Its high time, the bulb's gotta go! Tragic however that we have had alternatives for decades already, but never realy accepted them because they were more expensive! The LED technology has the advantage of not only being good for the environment, but be cheap as well!
The glass 'A60' bulb I have seen being used for numerous other things, other then for incandescent lamps, but admitted, this oil lamp looks very cute!
written by Blah, July 22, 2008
I have made several similar lamps, myself. 12ga single-strand copper wire was used to fashion stable stands for the bulbs. Google this project and you'll see other people's ideas on stands, too. They look lovely on a hearth or roomy shelf, where they can glow safely.
Directions at Instructables
written by Jenny, May 27, 2009
Here are some directions!

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