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NOV 04

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"phone companies are lame sauce. here's proof."

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Earth Tones: The Environmental Internet and Phone Company


I hate my phone company...and I hate my cell phone company and, quite frankly, I hate my internet company. I liked to be connected, but sometimes I think their 'Spirit of Service' begins and ends at making sure I pay my bill no matter what they do to me.

Well, what if a communications company cared about more than profit. As long as we're dreaming, what if they gave 100% of their profit to environmental organizations.  Earth Tones, a very unique internet and phone company, does exactly that.  Organizations such as The State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), National Environmental Law Center, The Green Life, Campaign to generic viagra wholesale fast delivery Save the Environment, Toxics Action Center,, Recycling Action Campaign, and Free the Planet.   

Earth Tones offers dial-up Internet Access with over 20,000 numbers nationwide and five e-mail addresses per account, with an optional web accelerator.  They also offer calling cards for personal and business use and wireless phone service that has an impressive amount of coverage.   

The company was founded by a coalition of non-profit organizations in 1993.  Their mission is to provide high-quality communications services to their customers while giving them the tools to help protect the environment.  In addition to their service, Earth Tones includes Green Alerts to their customers that provide information on up-to-date environmental issues and ways to get involved.  Long distance calling card customers receive toll-free numbers to buy viagra soft call Congress and other decision-makers.  Internet and wireless customers have constant access to up-to-the-minute environmental campaigns.   

Their bills come on 100% recycled paper, but they strongly encourage you to use their electronic billing service.  Their wireless handsets are all recycled and viagra discount they will even recycle your old wireless phone for free.  
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I just swithched over to Earth Tones.
written by Kathy H, December 12, 2006
I just switched over to Earth Tones. My family is looking forward to giving them a try. We had been with a company that was just bought by Verizion. I no longer want to give money to cialis generic canada large corporate bussiness, that have very little Business ethics. And more concered about lining there own pockets. Earth Tones seems to be just the right solution. Plus the money you pay them it goes to great causes. Not trying to please a bunch of greedy stockholders.
Me too.
written by greg, February 24, 2007
I've had earthtones for 1 month now as a wireless customer. The service is really great, both in terms of tramadol without prescription free shipping customer service and coverage.
I do wish the offered more competitive wireless plans for those who use a lot of minutes, but w/ 100% of the profits going towards those fighting the good fight instead of those perpetuating the failure of the status quo I feel good.
written by Debi Ziegler, February 03, 2008
I had "earth tones" years ago when in NYC, then moved oversea's. Am back now and would like info (rates, etc.) on the buy levitra professional service.
Thanks in advance Debi Ziegler 91 Buddington Rd. 20 Groton, CT 06340
written by Ted, May 27, 2008
phone companies are lame sauce. here's proof.

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