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Kentucky Introducing Hybrid School Buses

The Kentucky School Boards Association is implementing some major sustainability programs this year, including the deployment of viagra online cheap 213 hybrid-diesel school buses across the state.

A traditional diesel school bus gets about 7.5 mile per gallon, but the hybrid buses will increase the fuel efficiency to 12.5 miles per gallon, that's over a 65 percent improvement.  The buses are being rolled out now through next year and the state is monitoring their performance in order to discount viagra ensure they're being used on the optimal routes.

Hybrid technology makes the cheap cialis canada biggest impact in stop-and-go driving situations, so school buses are an ideal use for it.

In addition to the hybrid buses, the state has also started the School Energy Managers Project where a team of 35 managers will put energy saving solutions into place in 1,000 schools in the state.  The state hopes to save millions in energy costs, all of which will be reinvested in education.

As states are tightening budgets, education spending has often gotten the ax.  There's a lot of money that can be saved through efficiency and sustainability efforts and I have to say that using that money for education is one of the best ideas I've heard in a while.

via DOE Blog
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Great idea
written by Katie, September 14, 2010
Why can't these buses be designed so that when they are moving, they generate power to recharge their batteries and not just when slowing down or coasting? Sounds like a poor design to me.
written by Ronald Brak, September 14, 2010
Katie, this type of hybrid saves energy by letting the internal combustion engine constantly operate at its most efficient level instead of using it over a wide range of info levitra power levels as in a normal bus. The bus produces as much power as it needs for its normal operation. If it had a bigger internal combustion engine it could store energy while moving, but this would cost more and make the 50 mg viagra bus weigh more and the extra weight would increase the total amount of fuel it used.
written by Katie, September 15, 2010
I think you misunderstood what I was attempting to say. Basically, why can't you attach generators to the wheels of the bus so that at anytime a wheel is turning it is producing some power? This would mean that you could recover the energy spent in moving the bus. For example, suppose it took 100 units of energy consumed from diesel move the bus, you would get nearly all of those 100 units back if the wheels were recapturing the energy and converting it back into power. Obviously the fuel companies are not going to like this idea because it would kill their fuel sales comprehensively.

I am surprised that no-one else has thought of this concept.
written by Ronald Brak, September 15, 2010
Unfortunately for every unit of energy generated from the generic cialis canadian bus's wheels reduces the amount of energy available to move the bus by one. (Actually by more than one as the process isn't going to be 100% efficient.) In other words, the generators on the wheels would act like brakes.
written by Doc Rings, September 16, 2010
@Katie: that is an impossible scenario! Attaching generators to the wheels causes a **lot** of drag (that's why they are used for regenerative **braking**), that drag needs to be overcome by more energy from the engine than it would generate.
If it worked, you would have invented the first perpetual motion machine! smilies/cheesy.gif
Peak Oil, you can't slow it down
written by daniel, September 18, 2010
Does anyone actually take the time to consider how much energy it TAKES to build one of these things?

Oil production has peaked.
It's all downhill from here. Go watch "The Road"smilies/cry.gif

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