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"HI there, This may sound crazy but I don't think Range anxiety really..."

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Elk Horn, Iowa: Eliminating Range Anxiety in the Midwest

Here's a surprise statistic:  the nation's largest concentration of electric vehicle charging stations is in Elk Horn, Iowa.  Not anywhere in California or Oregon, but in Iowa.

Now, to be clear, Elk Horn's population is only 650, so it didn't take many charging stations to hit that high concentration, but at four charging stations, it sadly still beats out many cities just in the amount of stations.

The town got these stations from a local businessman, Mike Howard, who is in the alternative-energy business.  Each charger cost $7,000 and each charge costs no more than $3.

The town itself has only four all-electric vehicles, but a more important fact is that Elk Horn is the only place to charge an electric vehicle for people traveling along the entire stretch of Interstate 80 between Chicago and usefull link drug levitra i use it how much does cialis cost Denver.

Currently, the charging stations take six hours to fully charge a vehicle, but Howard and his team are planning on installing faster charging stations that would only take three hours within the next month and they're working with partners elsewhere in Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska to build more stations throughout the buy viagra cheap generic Midwest.

via Wall Street Journal

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Electric Vehicles
written by Austin, September 30, 2010
I don't know why people like electric cars so much. The electricity, with which any electrical device in powered, for the most part comes from "dirtier" energy sources than normal petroleum fueled vehicles.
written by Imho, September 30, 2010
That is not true for what I've heard. Power plants and electric vehicles are more efficient than fueled vehicles.
In other words, electric vehicles using fossil fuels "emit" less toxic gases than vehicles with combustion engine.
written by Doc Rings, October 01, 2010
@Austin: it depends (like many things). If the particular electricity for that utility company is from primarilly coal-power, then it's a bit dirtier to only now order cheapest levitra online drive an electric-only vehicle. If the electricity is from nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, wind or solar, then it's "cleaner" to drive an electric vehicle.

So, "it depends". Overall, on average, the USA is better off with electric cars (or PHEV's) than not. And it will only get better with time if we increase the proportion of electricity produced by nuclear, solar and wind.

But, please don't make blanket statements without the shows your lack of research and understanding of the subject.

Google "How Much CO2 Do Electric Cars Produce" and read the first few articles, including the Wikipedia article titled "Electric Car"

Dr. Rings
EV range
written by Don Dakin, December 28, 2010
HI there,

This may sound crazy but I don't think Range anxiety really exists for most people. I think it's a marketing buzz word designed to shoot down pure EV's. People that drive EV's realize how far they can go and think about that before they get involved with an EV.

I think that anyone who is thinking about driving an EV should take a "range anxiety challenge" before they consider it. As far as I'm concerned normal gas powered cars get too much range for most of the driving trips that people make. Conservatively, most of the time we are hauling around 4-5 times more fuel then we need to make our trip. We could easily simulate the cialis on line range of an EV in our current GAS cars and see how much of an inconvenience an EV would be with it's range limit.

So I would challenge anyone who has doubts about EV's to change your fill up habits in you gas car for a couple of months.

Only put 100 miles worth of fuel into your car each time you fill up, reset the trip odometer and see how you do. This will put you in touch with your distance travelled and make you more aware of what driving a limited range car would be like.

You might find that driving with the tank on 1/4 or less all the time does make you uncomfortable, but you might also find that you can easily do pfizer viagra cheepest prices everything you want on that 100 mile range.

Here are some signs that you would not adapt well to an EV:

- You need to add 100 miles worth of fuel more then once a day
- You run low on gas in the middle of nowhere and have a hard time finding gas
- You find that running on a low tank of gas does bother you and you worry you will get stuck.

Here are the signs that you might adapt well to an EV.

- You add 100 miles worth of fuel only every few days.
- You drive in areas where it's easy to find fuel and don't worry about running out.

I think most people could figure out if an EV is for them without doing any of this but simulating an EV's range with your current car for a few months is a worthwhile exercise for everyone. Even for people that are sure they want an EV.

Give it a shot and viagra herbal you be the judge it may change you mind about EV's

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