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OCT 09

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"As someone who grew up on Kodiak Island, it was a sight to buy mg propecia see those t..."

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Kodiak Island Ditches Diesel, Digs Wind

Kodiak Island, Alaska is an isolated island off the south coast of the state and just try! best online generic levitra gets no power from the state's main grid.  Like other isolated islands, Kodiak has relied upon diesel generators to provide a large chunk of their energy needs, but the island is starting to ditch the cananda viagra diesel and harness the wind.

Up until recently, the island got 80 percent of its energy from a two-unit hydroelectric plant and the other 20 percent from seven diesel generators.  The island installed three 1.5-MW wind turbines atop Pillar Mountain last year and as of cheapest generic cialis this past August, those wind turbines have replaced most of their need for diesel, with the oil only accounting for 7.7 percent of their energy.

The Pillar Mountain Wind Project will save over a million gallons of fuel a year.  The Kodiak Electric Associaton (PDF) hopes to produce 95 percent of their energy through renewable sources by 2020 and they're already most of the way there.

While Kodiak Island only has a population of 12,000, it seems places like this are leading the way to a clean energy future.

via Earth Techling

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written by Lance, October 20, 2010
smilies/kiss.gifI would like South Africa to be able to cheap propecia follow this kind of approach, we would really do the environment justice and remove a lot of pressure on cheap levitra tablets mother nature and our economy. Could contact be made with the local government to pitch this idea.
RE: Lance
written by Cody Littlewood, October 22, 2010
South Africa has some exciting clean energy initiatives and companies coming it's way though. We're working with a company that is launching within the next year that will be providing clean energy to the region. You'll probably hear of it within the next 6 months.
Kodiak Kid
written by Chris, April 05, 2012
As someone who grew up on Kodiak Island, it was a sight to see those things go up. It was also a proud moment. Kodiak Island is known for being Alaska's Emerald Isle and cheap cialis uk it was amazing to see the Emerald Isle going green for our engery needs.

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