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OCT 21

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Portable Solar Power Plant, Water Purifier and Fuel Cell in One

In many areas of the world, and also during times of natural disasters, clean drinking water and access to power are scarce.  The company The Essential Element has designed the Hydra water purifier and fuel cell to take care of both of those problems at once.

The Hydra is equipped with a 2.88 kW solar panel array that runs a pump that pushes water through a self-cleaning filtration device (capable of purifying 87,000 liters a day), juices up lead-acid gel batteries and runs an electrolyzer that splits some of that water to fill a .37 cubic-meter tank with pressurized hydrogen.

The fuel cell can be used to power communication devices or a camp stove.  The whole device can easily be set up and collapsed for easy transport and includes PV mats that can be plugged into the device for extra power.

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all good except for silly hydrogen
written by Doug, October 21, 2010
Since it already has batteries. I fail to cialis soft canada see the point of the fuel cell and viagra prices in usa the hydrogen tank. They plan to burn the hydrogen for cooking?

The cost of the fuel cell and the legal pharmacy online energy needed to run a compressor hardly seem worth marginal benefit a hydrogen system would provide.
Something simpler perhaps?
written by Paul Smith, October 22, 2010
All the bells and whistles sounds impressive, but I wonder what it does to the cost? And if there's need to use it long term, are replacement parts easy to come by? Last week I came across the people at Life Giving Force, which have been able to make a solar powered water purifier that's the size of an airplane acceptable suitcase. Have a look:
written by Peter, October 22, 2010
Sounds like a KTEL product advertisement. Perhaps that is where this kind of junk should be advertised.
written by sarah, October 22, 2010
It seems that the fuel cell aspect is directed at the military...or to order tramadol overnight not limit the capabilities to present technologies and to exhibit that they are forward thinking and probably to give their engineers some nice challenges while solving basic problems as well. This way, the unit could run itself on energy it produces in many ways depending on the resource... in a flood, water will produce the energy in a famine, sun could produce the energy...etc.

When I was in the military (everyone laughs when I say that) I was a medic and we had to constantly monitor the chlorine levels of 50mg levitra retail price the water buffaloes. (giant water trucks)put too little in people get sick, put to much in, people get sick from the chlorine itself...not that there may still not be some kind of stored water chemical and monitoring, but knowing the water is clean is a nice first step.

my biggest concern actually aside from potentially a prohibitive cost as others mentioned, is the the best place levitra non prescription trailer it's mounted on...for an out door concert, absolutely but, any disaster is not going to have level enough roads..or roads at all for the trailer demo they are showing it fitted to. hopefully it can be fitted easily to viagra prescription only other wheels...

I also question how fragile it is online viagra overnight if it were to be parachuted in.
One size fits all?
written by Matt Peffly, October 22, 2010
Except for the fun of designing and building them I don't see the point in this all in one units. Would it be better to have a couple units that I then pick based on what I need.
- Compact water purifier that runs on electric.
- easy deploy solar or wind
- maybe a fuel cell or carbon based generator as either backup for solar/wind, or the first days/weeks during set up, or where solar/wind not an option.

And have to agree does NOT look like you are going to drop that thing in, or drive it in over bad/washed out "roads".
Missing a bit of information here
written by Asaf Shalgi, October 23, 2010
Though it sounds like a good product there are some question marks still hovering above it. Guess that's what happens when you read an advertisement and cialis 20 mg not a real product report.
written by Larry, October 24, 2010
You right about the trailer. That trailer is totally unsuitable for operation on unsealed roads. I note the lack of ground clearance and there does not appear to be an articulated suspension on it. Basically, attempting to take that trailer off-road would result in the trailer and its equipment being damaged.
Hunger and climate change
written by Gioacchino WFP, October 26, 2010
Hunger and climate change often go hand-in-hand... here's how resolving the one problem can resolve the other problem
written by net97surferx, October 27, 2010
How does this system compare to Dean Kamen system he came up with around 2003 ... where one side was a power generator (and could run on as little as burning cow droppings) and the other half which was a water purification system which did not use filter or chemicals which would typically need recharging/refilling?

solar powered water purification
written by Paul Flickinger, November 03, 2010
Clean Water for the World builds an inexpensive solar powered water purification system. We are toying with attaching the canadian pharmacy viagra prescription system, the flexible solar panel a battery and hand pump to best place to buy viagra a 2 wheeled cart. Pull up to any water source, drop a hose from the pump into it, raise the solar panel and have clean, potable water
written by Cj, November 09, 2010
Seems like a demonstration project for a future product that is actually capable of meeting the design criteria of a green technology demonstration of mobile emergency power/water supply. Costs are obviously not lower than your generator + desalination + purification combination of equivalent alternative fueled machines. Is it not a stretch to say that this is even a green product because it is using PV panels to feed acid batteries mounted to a standard looking trailer. It is a good attempt to provide a solution to the growing global problem of disaster relief but. The real deal here is the symbiosis of multiple complex systems in a mobile unit. The work should be relevant in the future as costs of the more advanced green tech reach the domain of this experiment.
written by James, November 15, 2010
Your silly for not to discount levitra online see the benefits of a hydrogen fuel cell.
oh the huge manatee! funny to read all of the comments from suffers of hydrogen blindness
written by James, November 15, 2010
Yes you can cook with hydrogen gas. Search for a video there are lots of them.
Why use a hydrogen fuel cell over any batteries? Oh my poor hydrogen blindness suffering fellow human being, your foolish views of hydrogen are the same views that have plagued the rest of the world because eighty years of associating hydrogen with disaster. What is silly is not seeing that what you’re putting in it your tank at the corner store is hydrogen already, only in a more dangerous bond with carbon.
Hydrogen gas stored properly will always have a longer life than any battery. The charge of any battery currently made cannot compare to properly stored hydrogen gas for energy return and "battery life".
Try drinking the levitra from india water from your gas powered generators exhaust, yea silly question but you can do that with a hydrogen gas powered fuel cell or combustion engine, so remote source of potable water supply solve. The misinformation hydrogen is the white elephant in the room that no one wants to address.
So hydrogen isn't viable?
written by ResearcherGuy, November 24, 2010
How's this for an already working rebuttal of that, James. You really should research your antagonistic answers.
He's been driving his 'vette on H2 for quite a while. Before you start complaining about compressor losses, he's using low pressure transfer to scuba-type tanks via hydrides so it's very efficient. 500 mile range too.

Maybe ecogeek could do an article on stuff that's actually being done and cheap levitra without prescription viable once in a while?
written by mae anderson, May 09, 2013
What a brilliant idea! This is really cool. This would be very useful during natural disaster. Is this already out in the market?
water purifier
written by vivek, January 16, 2014
Great blog thanks for sharing!
This will save lost of energy and electricity. This is one of the best water purifier. But at present different types of water purifier are so popular like ro water purifier, alkaline water purifier, etc.

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