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NOV 05

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"Carbon fibre is strong and levitra pharmacy light but it certainly is not green. It is..."

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BMW Spending $560 Million on we recommend mail order viagra EV Development

BMW has been lagging behind other carmakers by not having solid plans for a mass production electric vehicle.  There have been auto show concepts and there's the Mini E conversion, but that's about it.  The European Federation for Transport and Environment even called out the automaker recently for not doing enough to meet new EU emissions targets (130 grams of CO2 per kilometer by 2015).

Well, that's finally changing.  BMW has announced that it's investing $560 million by 2013 to develop and produce an EV.

The BMW plant in Leipzig, Germany will be expanded to produce the new vehicle, which is currently being called Megacity.  BMW will of course be using its luxury car expertise and materials in this new car.  The head of BMW has said that this will be the first production model "with a carbon fiber passenger compartment" to lighten the weight while retaining strength and resistance -- and keep up the buy 100mg tramadol online cost.

That's about where the details end for now.  It is being called a series model, so we'll have to buying viagra wait and see where this vehicle falls in the BMW range.

via AFP

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It's about time
written by Asaf Shalgi, November 06, 2010
Apparently there are many rich people who haven't even considered getting an EV because BMW hasn't started making onesmilies/smiley.gif
Carbon Fiber Plant
written by big nasty, November 08, 2010
BMW has been building a carbon-fiber factory here in Washington State for a few months now.
Carbon fibre is not green
written by John, November 10, 2010
Carbon fibre is strong and light but it certainly is not green. It is environmentally expensive to manufacture, and disposal of used materials (i.e. recycling) is not practical. Worse, in an accident involving fire, carbon fibre composites burn furiously and very good site levitra prescription generate toxic gases.

The only benefit from its use is to reduce weight in a vehicle. It is greener to reduce fuel consumption by reducing the power output of the engine.

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