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NOV 29

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"It's not the cialis 10 mg Nazi version of the swastika, but rather the one that app..."

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Harvard Could Bring Us Methane Laptops

Researchers at the Harvard School of Engineering and buy tramadol overnight Applied Sciences are making advances in fuel cell technology that could  allow portable electronics to run on fuels like methane and the researchers don't think we'll have to wait long for methane-fueled laptops.

The research team is working on solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and have found ways to levitra endurance lower the operating temperature and lower the cost of materials, both major hurdles that have, so far, restricted SOFCs to lab use.  The team developed a thin-film SOFC that uses densely-packed nano-scale ceramic films and does away with platinum electrodes.  The small size and elimination of platinum both increases stability and lowers the cost of the fuel cell.

The team also has been able to demonstrate a methane-fueled SOFC operating at less than 500 degrees Celsius.  Traditional SOFCs typically operate at 800 - 1000 degrees Celsius.  The team says that 300 - 500 degrees Celsius is the cheap viagra without prescription "sweet spot" where the SOFCs could be used in portable electronics or transportation vehicles.

via Science Daily

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written by Jonathan, November 30, 2010
Laptops could greatly extend their running life while utilizing a cleaner source of energy

Cleaner than what? Is this the same tired argument that assumes that all electricity from the plug comes from a coal plant, then declares the alternative source 'cleaner' whilst ignoring the relative efficiencies?
written by Alfa, December 09, 2010
Methane fueled, could be just what dairy farms are looking for since their livestock produce lots of methane.
Methane is wasted why not use it.
written by Richard Davine, December 09, 2010
While I agree with Jonathan about fuel cells having left a bad taste in our environmental mouths as they killed the electric car, I think it is fair to note that we currently allow methane to escape into the cheap tramadol india atmosphere where it is a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon-dioxide.
Having solid-oxide fuel cells run off methane and without platinum is significantly excellent as its saves the major costs of cell production and source of fuel. No more need to make hydrogen from oil.
If it really works, this could be a major leap for the electric age.
Batteries are groovy and they are currently the best, yes. But batteries are also toxic and require mined materials. Nothing is perfect.
written by Slowking, December 27, 2010
Sorry but how is 300 - 500° C a sweet spot?
That's insanely high. Maybe you could isolate that in a car (though I doubt it) but the talk of laptops is just rubbish.
written by jamil, January 04, 2011
Does anyone else see the swastika in the picture next to the computer?
written by Chris, February 11, 2011
It's not the Nazi version of the swastika, but rather the one that appears in Buddhist temples and signifies auspiciousness and good fortune as well as the Buddha's footprints and the Buddha's heart.

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