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NOV 30

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"[i]It´s crazy to see that the first comment here remarks not about th..."

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China Unveils Fuel Cell Light Rail Train

China has been making great strides in mass transit in the past year.  They're building a huge Asia-Europe rail network, rapidly expanding their national high speed rail lines and have unveiled the world's fastest high-speed train.  The country has now revealed a fuel cell light rail locomotive for local, city-wide and suburban transportation.

The locomotive was developed by the China North Vehicle Yongji Electric Motor Corporation and the Southwest Jiaotong University.  The train is powered by a permanent-magnet motor and hydrogen fuel cells that run a synchronous motor and frequency converter.  This set up allows the train to produce and use power very efficiently while also cutting down on vibrations and noise.

The magnet motor out-performs traditional motors while reducing energy use by 10 - 20 percent.

via Inhabitat
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I so proud to China
written by Lian Wu, December 01, 2010
China show world now about superior technology culture. This is prove that US and other west country now far behind from China. US economic problems means never catch up again.

ecologie ...
written by Fabien, December 01, 2010
Ecomicals aspect is not the best way for China ... and the world !
Is CHINA than the USA?!!
written by Audrey, December 01, 2010
I don't see the furthering of viagra profesional technologies as a competition between China and the US or any other country. While I'm in favor of advancements, it's not the most important thing!

We as an international society need to refocus and best way to take levitra gain new perspective on our lifestyles, and our end-goal achievement of happiness. Not winning to be happy, but to be happy without the purchasing viagra struggle.

That being said, China is kickin' our butts!
Magnet motor reducing energy use by 10 - 20%!!!
written by Djarada, December 10, 2010
It´s crazy to see that the first comment here remarks not about the brillianz of the `Fuel cell light rail locomotive for local, city-wide and suburban transportation´,but about Chinas Supposed superiority in matters technological.
I try to live a life with less,but realize the reality of the world around me and understand the wish of others to "Advance".
This`Magnet motor´technology is a large step in the right direction and shows Chinas ability to cialis no prescription innovate.
Great stuff Yongji Electric Motor Corporation & Jiaotong University,though 10-20% doesn´t sound much does it.

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