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DEC 05

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"Lithium makes great batteries, but getting lithium will prove to be di..."

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Dissecting Batteries for Better Mileage


Scientists at Ohio State University have been dissecting exhausted batteries to learn more about what happens when electric vehicle batteries die. There's a lot to like about electric vehicles, but with them there's potentially a major problem ahead. Batteries have a tendency to viagra soft tabs 100 mg lose their ability to store power over time. Different automakers have been looking at various aproaches to keep from having this be a consumer problem, with plans to lease batteries separately from the vehicles in some instances.

Users of cell phones, laptop computers, and all kinds of battery-powered devices are already well aware of online levitra this fact. Researchers hope to give battery makers new insight that can lead to ways of extending the life of these batteries. Preliminary examinations of automotive lithium ion batteries shows that "a fraction of the lithium," which transfers charge between the cathode and once a day viagra anode of the battery, is being lost to use when it "combined with anode material in an irreversible way." Battery manufacturers may be able to generic viagra discount cheap work with this knowledge to create batteries that are more resistive to this loss. Better batteries that hold charge longer will provide vehicles that can run farther and longer.

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Plastic photovoltaics may be the answer.
written by Alessandro Machi, December 06, 2010
Hardened plastic cars with photovoltaic absorption built into the plastic would do two things, dramatically lighten the weight of the car, and provide some level of recharging that will go farther because the canadian pharmacy online car is lighter, which in turn means less batteries as well.

Sell each car buyer two cars so each car gets a 36-48 hour recharge cycle between trips and suddenly we may actually some drivers that rarely need gasoline and rarely need to recharge from the grid.
old/new tech needs investment
written by elip, December 06, 2010
There are now products out there that can cycle your batteries and extend the life of your new batteries from 4x-10x the normal life. They can usually even bring back batteries from the "dead".

These types of technologies have been around in labs for decades, but since they challenge traditional physics/age-old way of thinking, the investment in them has been minimal.

The truth is, electromagnetic motors (overunity devices) are already able to power cars/small houses.
written by Patty Hattaway, December 09, 2010
Lithium makes great batteries, but getting lithium will prove to be difficult to get with the largest concentration of the mineral being in Afghanistan.

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