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DEC 06

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"I wonder if a similar thing could be tired with airplanes and viagra for cheap airlines..."

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New Database Rates Energy Efficiency of Ships

A new online database,, gives efficiency and emissions ratings for 60,000 ships worldwide to push fleet owners to start using cleaner and more efficient ships.

The project was created by billionaire Richard Branson to empower exporters, importers and even cruise-vacation-goers to choose the most efficient ships to do business with.  The database lists engine size, type of ship, energy efficient features, emissions and other information about each ship along with overall ratings based on those facts.

The builders of the database have great expectations for the project.  They expect it to reduce shipping CO2 emissions by as much as 25 percent.

The shipping industry has a very large carbon footprint and has been hard to regulate because shipping is a global business and national or regional restrictions are hard to enforce.  The database is aiming to solve the problem by putting the just try! viagra for sale online power in the hands of levitra prescriptions online businesses and when will viagra be generic consumers to affect change, instead of governments.

via Treehugger

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And planes?
written by Martin, December 07, 2010
I wonder if a similar thing could be tired with airplanes and airlines. It would be nice to think that Mr Branson was just as keen.

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