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DEC 09

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"An environment-friendly invention. More to come. Technology Environm..."

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GE's Dual-Battery Hybrid Electric Bus Maximizes Storage and pfizer levitra canada Power

GE's new hybrid electric bus tosses out the traditional idea of buy levitra china one large battery and replaces it with two different types of batteries working in tandem to maximize both energy storage and energy delivery.

The bus was built by the Federal Transit Authority Hybrid Transit Bus team, which includes GE scientists, and features one lithium battery and one sodium battery.  The lithium battery can provide bursts of power for propelling the bus, but can't store as much energy, while the sodium battery has a larger energy storage capacity, but isn't able to provide those bursts of power.  Each have their strengths that, coupled together, make up for their shortcomings, resulting in a hybrid system that doesn't have to compromise on power or range.

The other advantage to viagra online order this dual battery system is that could be as much as 20 percent cheaper than one large lithium battery because less expensive battery chemistries can be used and there's no extra spending on scaling up.

The bus is currently able to hit a top speed of 50 mph and achieve a 60 - 80 mile range, depending on driving conditions.  The scientists are making tweaks in hopes of hitting a top speed of 62 mph and a 100-mile range under normal bus-driving conditions (a route with multiple stops and starts).

The 100-mile range is purchase tramadol cod the golden ticket as the cialis dose average daily distance driven by school and city buses hovers at or below the 100-mile mark.

via CNET

Image via GE


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lithium battery
written by utility vehicle, December 11, 2010
well, I really believe that lithium battery is very luxury for electric vehicles, and I am aware of the fact that most utility vehicle is powered by lead acid battery.
written by Craig D, December 11, 2010
How about combining this with your story below (by putting the flexible solar panels on the roof of the bus to help charge the batteries?
Craig has a point
written by Asaf Shalgi, December 11, 2010
Why not start combining different energy sources together? Also if it works better as a double, why not quadruple it?
written by Kyllein MacKellerann, December 16, 2010
There is a way to improve the bus's range and power availability that is already available and is off-the-shelf for this application. Germany developed a charge station that consisted of click here sales cialis a pair of connectors over the the best place cialis pfizer 50 mg street and a pair of pantograph arms to make the connection. While the bus sat at a stop (usually a layover stop), the arms got power from the overhead connectors to spin up a gyroscope which provided power for the bus. This could be adapted to charging the onboard batteries very easily and would allow "topping off" the charge while the bus was at rest. Another method of charging was used by smaller tram-lines and consisted of an electro-magnet buried in the street between the what is levitra professional rails. When the tram came to usefull link real levitra online without prescription a stop over this magnet, it switched on and partially recharged the batteries in the tram, allowing it to provide continuous service. This would work for the bus by simply providing a pre-set stopping spot that would place the bus's pickup over the induction coil in the street. Since it would only be on when the bus was over it, there would be no energy wasted when there was no bus there to be recharged. This way, service could be spread over a larger area and dedicated charging time reduced to a minimum.
G2 Environmental
written by g2 environmental, December 18, 2010
An environment-friendly invention. More to come.



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