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DEC 23

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"I Think,This is a Good Idea But Its Label has Bad Design...."

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TVs Will Get Energy Efficiency Labels in 2011

Starting in the new year, TVs will be outfitted with Energy Guide stickers much like those on household appliances such as refrigerators or washers and viagra medication dryers, allowing consumers to make energy efficient choices more easily.

The Federal Trade Commission is cheap cialis requiring all TVs to bare the stickers, which will feature the estimated annual energy cost of the TV, with a scale comparing it to other TVs in the same size range.  The figures are based on a cost of 11 cents per kWh and five hours use per day.

The new requirement applies to all TVs sold in stores as of January, but websites have until July 2011 to add the online order levitra labels.

via FTC




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written by Patrick Spreng, December 23, 2010
bear, not bare
Just like calories...
written by Asaf Shalgi, December 28, 2010
Only counting our money instead.
Good Idea, Bad Design
written by vahid baghshani, January 02, 2011
I Think,This is a Good Idea But Its Label has Bad Design.

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