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DEC 23

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"Since the energy use of a very efficient 2000SF house is as high as a ..."

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DOE Promotes Updating Building Codes


The US Department of cheapest cialis edrugstore Energy (DOE) is working with 24 states across the country to support the generic cialis from india adoption of updated building codes which incorporate increased energy-efficiency requirements. $7 million is being apportioned in grants of $150,000 to $350,000 to assist the states, who have agreed to work with DOE, to "advance adoption, training, and compliance for the updated building codes."

"As part of the Administration’s broad efforts to help families and only here buy levitra without a prescription businesses save money by saving energy, these awards will help states and local communities significantly cut the energy intensity of the nation’s buildings sector, which accounts for more than 40 percent of the energy consumed in the U.S." according to the agency's press release.

Energy efficiency in building codes varies from state to state. Although consensus organizations such as the buy cialis from china International Code Council develop new standards on an ongoing schedule, it takes time for individual states to adopt the new codes and put them into law, so most building codes lag behind the most recent standards. Once new codes are adopted, consumers and builders need to be aware of the new requirements, as well as the benefits from following the code. In addition to the support for adoption of the newer codes, the DOE program is also targeting a 90% compliance rate in applying the new codes to new buildings.

The Building Energy Code program has resulted in an estimated $16 billion in savings since the program’s start 20 years ago. It is helping to save money for U.S. consumers, dramatically reduce energy use and carbon pollution, and create jobs as part of America’s clean energy economy.

Investing in energy-efficient buildings will pay back in savings for decades to come. Of course, these energy codes are just the minimum standards, and better buildings should be built with more than the bare requirements of cialis professional no prescription even the most current energy code.

via: EERE News

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written by Marcela, December 27, 2010
Those are really good news. MOre and more people are trying to live a more eco-conscious life and knowing that soon buildings will be constructed in such a way that their impact on the environment will be significantly reduced is really inspirng.
written by Simon, December 27, 2010
I think this is great that the government is helping to save energy. They could go further by looking at their own policies and it's cool levitra daily procedures in respect to the buildings they operate and the paper waste they produce.
thanks department of energy!
written by Verniel, December 28, 2010
Great post Philip! I think it's really important for buildings to have higher energy efficiency requirements. The main thrust should be to decrease energy cost and carbon pollution, without compromising energy/electricity needs. I think the site called Organic Mechanic provides the best relevant information nowadays on how to increase energy efficiency fo any building or infrastructure. Feel free to check out the cheap viagra without prescription site.
written by MohdAli, December 28, 2010
It is very useful idea for US. This will help the planning of the global warming.
written by Nyak, December 29, 2010
Energy efficiency starts on cialis 25mg an individual level long before it can be felt global. You can build it efficient but if the people don’t make some lifestyle changes there will be very minimal savings. The government should offer not money but education. There are so many ways to be more eco conscious then changing building codes. How about putting on a sweater rather then turning the heat up.
how about smaller, more liveable houses as well
written by Hydrophilia, December 29, 2010
Since the energy use of a very efficient 2000SF house is as high as a normal 600SF house, it would sure be nice to have some really livable small house plans as well as simply prescribing efficiency. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

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