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JAN 08

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New, More Efficient Residential Wind Turbines


An improved, more powerful residential-scale wind turbine was premiered at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. According to the manufacturer, the Skystream 600 produces 74% more energy than its predecessor, the Skystream 3.7, yielding "up to 7,400 kWh of low-cost energy per year."

The Skystream 600 also will be the first fully smart grid-enabled wind turbine. The company says that "depending on the viagra professional no prescription wind resource, siting and best place to buy cialis energy efficiency, a Skystream 600 could provide up to 60 percent of an average home's energy requirements." Of course, that also means it could produce all of the electricity needed for a relatively efficient house. The new Skystream also has a system called Skyview which allows monitoring of the turbine's power production via the internet.

Retail pricing for the new Skystream turbine has not yet been set. The Skystream 600 is scheduled be available for consumers beginning in April, so the price should be set in the near future.

via: Jetson Green

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Could Be The Perfect Product to Encourage Potential Customers
written by Roger, January 08, 2011
They'd better not jack up the price! I'd really love to see more people using wind turbines. This would be the wind turbine to get if the buy cialis online without a prescription price is right. What an incentive!
written by Pete, January 10, 2011
Imagine the visual and mechanical mayhem if every house in the street had one of these devices! What happens to viagra canda television reception with dozens of rotating antennae, what happens in severe storms?

Give me nuclear baseload power any day thank you.
written by Marcel Aubague, January 10, 2011
I hold an alternative energy company there I'm interested in offering and selling this product to my clients
written by Paroway, January 13, 2011
Who watches TV off of antenna? Mechanical mayhem compared to a nuclear plant? You're not earning your pay from the nuke companies with that stuff.
how small is small
written by Nicola Terry, January 21, 2011
How big/small is this thing physically? Is this the sort of thing you can put on viagra without a prescription a terraced house in a city or does it need a hilltop farmhouse? Does it perform well in gusty wind? The information we have been given seems very scanty to say the least.
More information
written by Guy, April 23, 2013
Is there any way to get more information? Thank you!

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