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JAN 11

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"The Solar Panel industry needs to be working on ideas like this follow..."

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Graphene Could be Key to Better, Cheaper Organic Solar Cells

Researchers at MIT believe that the use of graphene as an electrode material in organic solar cells could make them cheaper to produce and hydrochlorothiazide viagra could open up a host of new applications for the technology.

Organic solar cells are constantly improving and have great potential, but some issues are still holding them back from really taking off.  The efficiency of such cells still lags behind that of traditional silicon cells and, so far, the only electrode material that has been successful is i use it online levitra prescription rare and expensive indium-tin-oxide (ITO).

The researchers have begun experimenting with inexpensive and readily available graphene, a form of carbon where the atoms form a flat sheet just one atom thick, arranged like chicken-wire, as an electrode.  The use of graphene has lots of benefits over ITO, namely transparency.  Because it's transparent just like the organic solar cells themselves, the cells could be applied to windows or even on top of other solar panels, boosting overall electricity output.  Graphene is also flexible, where ITO is rigid, meaning the cells could be applied to irregular wall or rooftop surfaces and folded or rolled for easy transportation.

And, just as importantly, the graphene's performance as an electrode material is very similar to the ITO, making it a suitable replacement.

via Physorg


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written by Skip Hire Croydon, January 13, 2011
This could be a huge break through in photo voltic technology, the ability to online pharmacies use it on all surfaces and easily trasport it has so much potential, if it could be made thicker and stronger it could be used for sails for cargo ships? the wind would still catch them in a tradional manner, at the energy they create could be used to power the onboard systems and adttional electric engines if needed.
on top of other solar panels
written by THEKPV, January 18, 2011
Im as eager as the next guy x10 about the advances in solar tech.
written by Waste Management, November 07, 2011
The Solar Panel industry needs to be working on ideas like this following the news that FITS will be reduced!

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