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JAN 12

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"Mark i don't get that good of levitra vardenafil millage! wow that's great. mine is 2002 ..."

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Efficient Conventional Cars at NAIAS 2011


Although green cars are present in greater numbers than ever at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, they are not necessarily the most interesting environmental story. Many manufacturers this year have one model or another of their cars connected to a pylon with a conspicuous electrical cord, as manufacturers including Chevrolet, Ford, Volvo, Toyota and tramadol cod order Volkswagen all had plug-in hybrids or EVs on display. But that largely seems to be everyone rushing to fill the new segment so that they can say, "Yeah, we have one of those, too."

Although it isn't what the manufacturers are hyping with their displays, there are growing numbers of cars with mileage in the 40s. (And while we should recall why MPG is a stupid way to measure fuel economy, that's the standard that's used, so we'll continue to reference it here.) A decade ago, a 40 MPG car would have been remarkable. Now, many manufacturers have models that attain this mileage without expensive equipment or specialized systems.

More importantly, these are generally more affordable cars. Many of these models are under $20,000 (and some are significantly less than that). This means that many more of these cars will be on the roads in the coming years than the flashy but more expensive hybrids and EVs.

Chevrolet Cruze ECO - 28 MPG city/42 highway - includes special aerodynamic package that gives it the the best choice cialis china same aerodynamic figures as the Volt. At highway speed, dampers close the front grille, helping improve airflow and efficiency.

Chevrolet Sonic - pending - will be a Fall release, so final efficiency numbers have not yet been released, although the figure of 40 MPG was mentioned during Chevy's presentation.

Ford Fiesta - 29 MPG city/40 highway - a fuel efficient version with the optional Super Fuel Economy Package gets Ford into the 40+ club.

Honda Insight - 40 MPG city/43 highway - actually a mild hybrid, but available with base models under $20,000.

Hyundai Veloster - estimated 40 MPG highway - a 2012 offering coming from Hyundai that targets sporty design as well as fuel efficiency.

Smart - 33 MPG city/41 highway - offers three different models of the efficient two-seater. An electric version is generic viagra sale also available to drive in the test drive area of the show's lower level.

Volkswagen Golf (diesel) - 30 MPG city/41 highway - makes the recommended site levitra online us list (though above the $20,000 line) with the TDI Clean Diesel version.

This is largely a result of lots of small engineering decisions and improvements, the application of overall design rather than climbing behind something something wildly different in order to be transformative. The fruits of research into new vehicles leads to spin-off benefits that can be applied to all kinds of cars. Underbody panels (to take one example) help improve the aerodynamics of viagra generico more conventional cars as well as the headlining green vehicles. The greatest results of green car programs may not be in the headline vehicles that provide manufacturers with the "green halo," but instead be from the application of those developments to the rest of that manufacturer's fleet.

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Principal electronics engineer
written by Tom Van Sistine, January 13, 2011
Why don't they bring the Geo Metro LSI back, I still get 40-48MPG after 15 years. 5 speed manual transmision, 3 cyclinders and light weight without any fancy technology. Cheap too.
A decade ago, a 40 MPG car would have been remarkable.
written by ed, January 13, 2011
In 1996 Saturn had:
. . . 35MPG City, 40MPG Highway,
. . . front wheel drive,
. . . cost $10,000.- and were designed for
. . . easy maintenance by everyone.
Change the Oil every 3,000 miles,
. . . rotate the tires periodically and
. . . clean it once and a while.
It was "Basic Transportation"
. . . for going from point A to B and back.

The wife and levitra no prescription canada I had a choice of
A) buying a sophisticated car (with air, stereo, CD, electric windows, etc) OR
B) 2 Saturn's (no Options)

We chose the 2 Saturn's and
. . . are still enjoying them today,
But, it's time to look for a replacement.

All we see is,
. . . while we are looking for beacons of saving and frugality,
. . . the BIG-3, representing the worst of our excesses.

40MPG, like the song say's,
. . . "That don't impress me much!"
question about chipping and factory car MPG ratings.
written by sarah, January 14, 2011
I actually finally have a car that made a list! yay! well mine isn't new, but, fully loaded, my golf TDI got better in town mileage then listed even with a sport fuel injectors that it came souped up with. But, then, I got it chipped and it improved the mileage an other 1-5 mpg on top of that ( depending on driving situations) and chipping affords it to run smoother then factory settings. I highly recommend this optimization to others trying for efficiency. It goes faster faster but also is more fuel efficient with chipping.

What I don't understand is why don't factories optimize the cars with efficiency chips as an option like the above Saturn devotee's choice to save money with the radio-less, ac-less option?
stripped down car
written by Matt, January 14, 2011
While it is true some location can get by without AC, there is no way my wife is going to give up her AC when we have several months of pfizer viagra 50 mg online 90-100 degree and the 90-99% humidity weather.
written by Mark, January 14, 2011
Sarah, What kind of mpg are you seeing? I have a 1999 bug that I can squeeze 56.95 mpg out of so far. It has the levitra sex pill 1.9 tdi but like you said, superchip, 18 lbs of boost and a very light touch on the pedal. Mark
written by Phil, January 19, 2011
"A decade ago, a 40 MPG car would have been remarkable."

This is blatantly false. There were many cars that could get 40 mpg or better not only 10 but even 20 years ago. Do some research before you make an outrageous claim like that.
written by sarah, January 28, 2011
Mark i don't get that good of millage! wow that's great. mine is 2002 tdi that came used with everything ... the sport injectors take the mileage down i imagine quite a bit, but the chip took the mileage up. I get in town in the high 30s and highway mid 40's...and I'm that person that drives like a bat out of hell. I'm sure if i changed the injectors to stock... or eco if they exist, and did less speeding around, I'd see an other jump. maybe after taxes I can afford this up/down grade.

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