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NOV 12

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"Whole time, I was thinking that you were going to be talking about LA,..."

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Cities Eating Own Smog


A chemical compound that catalyzes the break down of pollutants into less harmful chemicals is finally finding its way into cities around the world. The compound, TX Active, which has been in development for over ten years, breaks down organic carcinogens like benzene, converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, and breaks down nitric oxides into nitrogen and female viagra jelly oxygen. TX Active is a type of titanium photocatalyst that pushes overly active molecules into less energetic states with energy provided by the levitra tablet light of the sun.

The greater the surface area of TX Active, the more pollutants it can break down. So how do we spread this stuff all over the world?  The answer: Mix it in with concrete, paint, or window laminate. Cities all of Europe are using the compound in roads, parking lots and paint and have measured drops in pollutants of up to 60%.

The substance is surprisingly cheap, adding only about $160 to the cost of paint for a five story building, which could be more than offset by minor government payback programs.

It's not a replacement for catalytic converters and clean fuels, it's an extra step that will make the world a much cleaner place.
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written by saxsux, November 13, 2006
But, on the good choice levitra price in canada down side, think of all the extra CO2 that will be emmitted... :(
Re: Hmmm.....
written by James, November 14, 2006
I am no scientist, but from the articles I have read over the last couple of days about this, they all say something to the effect of, "this product speeds up the breakdown of x, y, z." I may be looking at this the wrong way, but it seems to me that the pollutants would break down/oxydize eventually anyway, this speeds it up, so "extra" CO2 in the long run is not produced. Or am I looking at it the prescriptions cheap tramadol online wrong way.
Plus, like voting for Democrats in the US, overall one must choose the lesser of two evils.
Breaking Down
written by Hank, November 14, 2006
Indeed, a lot of online drugstore these molecules will break down anyhow. The question is, what will they break down into, and where will they break down.

If it's controlled (on a wall, into CO2) it's better than uncontrolled (in my lungs or into acid rain).

As for the extra CO2...while Carbon Dioxide is bad, Carbon Monoxide is much much much worse.
title doesn't reflect article
written by Jason, November 14, 2006
Whole time, I was thinking that you were going to be talking about LA, Dallas, Phoenix, or something like that being smogged out. Everybody says "look what will happen over ten years".

Last week I read a comic and saw an episode of Futurama that both had somebody put a huge cube of ice next to the glaciers so that the world doesn't die of heat exhaustion

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