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JAN 19

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"While most folks agree that this is another avenue for the buy viagra without a prescription politically..."

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India Getting 50 MW Tidal Power Project

Asia's first commercial scale tidal power project is being built off the buy generic propecia online coast of India.  The project will initially have a capacity of 50 MW, but could eventually be scaled up to well over 200 MW.

London-based Atlantis Resources, the company responsible for the world's largest tidal turbine located in Scotland, is building the project in the Gulf of Kutch.  Construction is planned to cheap tramadol overseas pharmacy start as soon as this year and best canadian pharmacy should be completed by 2013.

A recent survey by Atlantis shows that the gulf has about 300 MW-worth of potential tidal power and the construction agreement between the company and India's Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd. allows for up to 250 MW to be developed there.

Tidal power is a strong, reliable and predictable source of renewable energy, but it hasn't been harvested as much as solar or wind power, mainly because of its high initial costs.  But it's starting to get more attention -- tidal turbines have been installed in rivers in both New York City and Paris and huge tidal power projects are being developed off of cialis england Scotland's coast.

via Business Standard

Image via Atlantis Resources

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written by Cinz, January 19, 2011
This is pretty interesting... I never though that Tidal power was predictable.
@Cinz - Tides are not predictable!!!
written by john, January 20, 2011
It is not only the tides which are predictable. Sadly for this project, the predictability of India's corruption will ensure that this project either fails to materialize or the wheels will fall off a short time later as a result of shoddy materials.

Good luck with this one!
written by dehydratedpaani, January 23, 2011

while its true that indian politics is cheap generic india viagra massive blob of corrupt officials, the chief minster of this state has a reputation of being one of the least corrupt in the country, and has been delivering on buy cialis in new zealand various development projects in the state.

Having said that, I dont completely rule out corruption. Let this materialize along with the solar parks that he is going to be developing in the northern arid regions of best online generic levitra the state, before we cry wolf.
written by Dawn, January 27, 2011
What affect will this have on marine life?
Well, maybe not....
written by eko_nath, February 05, 2011
Just found this -
i Think its cool
written by Low Flow, February 09, 2011
I think it is a awesome step in the right direction, India has to go somewhere to meet the energy needs of its 1.4 Bn. Corruption or not, there are enough ppl there with the moxy and initiative to viagra side effects get this going and viagra discount prices approved. Better this than more barrels being burnt
Renewable Energy
written by Lance, May 12, 2011
Best of luck to India dealing with politial corruption! When can a project be expected to be begun in the Gulf? Can you highlight the most significant benefits of Tidal Power?
written by steamers, August 02, 2011
while its true that indian politics is massive blob of corrupt officials, the chief minster of this state has a reputation of being one of the least corrupt in the country, and has been delivering on various development projects in the state. smilies/smiley.gif
Still an interesting project
written by Chris, January 15, 2013
While most folks agree that this is another avenue for the politically corrupt of India to use, from an environmental and ecological standpoint, there is value. While tidal waves are not some may suggest, there is a range of high and low tidal wave activity which can be used as a benchmark for doing the due diligence in feasibility studies. It would be interesting to see if those studies were even done and the results.

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