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JAN 25

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"VAD??? yeah sure thing! automobiles and look there levitra in uk transit systems. coal and neuc..."

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Wind Power Cost Competitive with Natural Gas


Wind power is reaching the point of being cost-competitive with natural gas for electrical power generation. And with more demand uncertainty for natural gas, and increasing availability and reliability of wind power, utilities are turning more to the use of wind. "Wind’s costs have dropped over the past two years, with power purchase agreements being signed in the range of 5 to 6 cents per kilowatt-hour recently."

Gas is pretty clean for a fossil fuel. But when it is burned, it is still a carbon that was otherwise locked up for long-term storage that has now been transformed into additional CO2 that has been dumped into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, gas is a more expensive option than coal, so shifting from gas to wind doesn't do as much good as it would if it was helping to displace more coal burning power.

It will be beneficial if wind power and other renewables can push the dirtier, more polluting, and environmentally harmful fuels further off the table, but long-range government policy (or the lack thereof) continues to cheap brand cialis make that difficult. The AWEA has their view: "Now that we’re competing with natural gas on cost, we need consistent federal policies to ensure we have a diverse portfolio of energy sources in this country, and don’t become over-reliant on one source or another."

via: AWEA press release

image: CC BY-SA 2.0 by Mason Bryant/Wikimedia Commons

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written by ppnl, January 25, 2011

But is that a value for a subsidized cost of wind?
written by Temujin Kuechle, January 25, 2011
Fuel Cells that use Natural Gas to produce electricity do not emit CO2.
They are very efficient too.
However, for most people they would be considered expensive.
written by irish reed, January 25, 2011
Gas is "subsidized" by passing on the environmental costs to the public (e.g., ghg effects, ground and surface water pollution, birds and other animals dying in the mudpits, and so on) ... It may be a bit more involved than just comparing the viagra off internet cost/kwh.
At what cost?
written by Mick, January 26, 2011
Do the unquestioning green cheerleaders realize that there are serious health effects coming to light which are being brushed aside (dare I say suppressed) in the haste to make money out of green energy.

There are many instances of planning approvals for wind power plants being rolled into communities where it clearly is questionable. By all means establish wind power plants but it is important to just try! cialis next day place them out of harm's way to humans. The precautionary principle must be applied in locating these plants.

May 31, 2007...Documented in a press release dated May 31, 2007 from the Vibro-Acoustic Disease (VAD) research group in Portugal, people living in the shadow of industrial wind turbines have moved a step closer to understanding the nature of the Wind Turbine Syndrome many of them experience and complain about.
Professor Mariana Alves-Pereira, Dept. of Environmental Sciences & Engineering, New University of only best offers buy levitra now Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal, has for many years been part of a team of physicians and real cialis online without prescription scientists studying the pathophysiology of low-frequency noise and infrasound on humans. She is cheap viagra discount Assistant Coordinator of the Vibroacoustic Disease Project. Alves-Pereira and colleagues have been doing epidemiologic studies of airline pilots and technicians and other people who are chronically exposed to low-frequency noise and infrasound. The effects are grim: cardiovascular, respiratory, neurologic, and renal pathology and symptoms, which they call vibroacoustic disease (VAD).
*VAD is well established in the clinical literature. It has been amply documented and is readily detected by a variety of diagnostic tests.

Alves-Pereira (an acoustical engineer) and Dr. Nuno Castelo Branco (a surgical pathologist) recently took numerous noise/vibration measurements within a Portuguese home surrounded by four (4) industrial wind turbines. The closest turbine is nearly 1000 feet (300 meters), from the affected home. The turbines have been operating since November 2006. The report concludes:

"These results irrefutably demonstrate that windmills in the proximity of canadian viagra and healthcare residential areas produce acoustical environments that can lead to the development of VAD in the nearby home-dwellers. In order to protect Public Health, ILFN-producing devices must not be placed in locations that will contaminate residential areas with this agent of disease."

Re: At what cost?
written by RWFlynn, January 26, 2011
I'd like to add that the infra-sound generated by wind turbines aren't specific to wind turbines and tramadol with out prescriptions and fedex are also produced by highways and heavy traffic areas in general, airports and under flight-paths and industrial areas with large machines in operation. There are also very possible solutions to the infra-sound problem ranging from the development of new sound-dampening systems to simple buffer zones. Infra-sound is nothing new to industrialized society. I actually feel like the development of wind turbines could even spur the canadian pharmacy scam interest in developing solutions to this industrial problem thanks to people who took the time to worry about how it affects us. Similar to how the Space Program led to super active levitra the development of technologies that solved problems and made life easier for all of us. Big new technologies do generic viagra mexico that. I actually think it's pretty cool how things work out like that.

Just in case you're interested, I don't think wind energy is the best solution. It is merely part of the solution to decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions. geothermal energy, solar energy and an energy efficient way of life are also necessary to solve our global problem. smilies/smiley.gif
written by jcsr, January 26, 2011
Sounds from wind turbines causing heart problems.That is PURE CRAP right out of the clean coal play book.
Wind needs gas
written by 1carlos2, January 26, 2011
Industrial Wind Turbines are not like the small turbines people have with battery back-ups to get off the grid. The electricity isn't stored and you can't control the wind, so it needs to be paired with a form of generation that can be controlled. The choice for pairing is gas. That's why we're building more gas plants and fda approved viagra sales will need to continue building more.

Ever wonder why it's the gas guys like T. Boone that's into building wind turbines?
What about solar energy?
written by asaf shalgi, January 28, 2011
How much cost efficient is it?
Wind Power issues
written by kootzie, February 04, 2011
I did a little digging and found that windpower is much less productive,
and much nastier than I thought...


I'm feeling very discouraged at this - yet another case of corporate greed and deceit,
and government incompetence and complicity.
written by William Komp, February 19, 2011
We at West Wind Power have come up a new nano-wind turbine design which will efficiently recycle urban landscapes in low wind environments for economically viable wind energy production with no government subsidies. We are currently beta testing and it is very positive.
Corrections & Comments to Several Previous Comments
written by Randy Steer, February 23, 2011
@Temujin -- A fuel cell running on natural gas WILL produce CO2, unless it also has some type of tramadol sedative carbon-capture technology. (And I'm not aware of any current fuel cell systems with that capability.) However, it is very efficient, so it won't produce a lot of CO2, and it doesn't produce other pollutants like NOx, which is produced by gas turbines used for electricity generation.

@irish reed and ppnl -- Natural gas also receives production tax subsidies, through depletion allowances. I don't know how the depletion allowances compare to 5 mg viagra the current tax credit for wind production, but the fact is that at the moment, virtually all fossil fuels AND renewable energy sources receive some sort of tax subsidy for their production.

@asaf -- At the moment, solar energy is not nearly as competitive as wind, although it's slowly getting cheaper. But it has other advantages such as the buy levitra ability to install it on roof-tops, thus effectively using no "land area" at all. And of course it doesn't have the acoustic issues of wind. That's why, as RWFlynn said, we'll need multiple types of renewables, each of which has advantages for certain markets.
written by irene, February 25, 2011
Wind Farms take up huge amounts of land for the energy generated. There are no land use laws relating to them, so they are being built where you couldn't build a cabin. They are killing countless numbers of bats, endangered birds, golden eagles, displacing wildlife, and the wind farm builders deny any problems. Taxpayers should not be supporting this industry that is not green and not healthy for people or the environment. Makes me want to vote republican just to stop the "gold rush" to take our money and we use it cialis pfizer canada give us so little in the way of jobs, energy, etc. A newly proposed wind farm in Union County, Oregon will cost $600 million to build and produce 8-15 full time jobs. I think there are better investments for tax dollars!!!! smilies/cry.gif
renewable sources
written by renewable sources, March 06, 2011
Wind energy is cost competitive to other fuel sources like natural gas. It is also the least expensive of all renewable energy sources. Because the wind is free, wind energy can provide a stable long-term price for power production.
Wind technician
written by John, April 26, 2011
VAD??? yeah sure thing! automobiles and transit systems. coal and neuclear plants, jets and planes all have been killing us forever with VAD, so fear windpower it doubtless will do the how can i buy levitra in canada same.

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