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FEB 03

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"What a great initiative so much of the earth is getting destroyed and just try! buy viagra in new zealand ..."

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Sea Urchins on Crusade to Save Coral Reef

A new project in Hawaii is releasing a massive amount of sea urchins into the sea to help the coral reef in Kāne‘ohe Bay that is being slowly smothered by an invasive seaweed species.

The project is the cialis cheap culmination of years of cialis sale buy research among the state Aquatic Resources division, The Nature Conservancy and University of Hawaii.  The urchins have been raised in a hatchery and fed a diet of native seaweed.  The project is actually one of the first in the world to raise native sea urchins in captivity. The first 1,000 were released by the scientists last weekend, with another 25,000 to be released each month.  Some urchins will inevitably be eaten by fish and octopus.

The hope is buying levitra in mexico that the urchins will feed on the seaweed, specifically two species of seaweed algae called Kappaphycus alvarezii and K. striatum, to a degree that keeps the invasive species in check.  The researchers say there isn't a concern for an over-population of urchins since the click now how much does viagra cost animals are easy to herd and relocate, and with monitoring, should stay under control.

via Scientific American

Images via The Nature Conservancy

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Uh Oh
written by Gabe, February 04, 2011
This sounds like stupidity incorporated. The introduction of exotic species into an ecosystem always has unintended consequences. Just look at the idiots who introduced the mongoose into Hawaii as a terrestrial example.

Why not fix the seaweed problem by addressing the cause - which is excessive nutrient load entering the water (human caused).
I agree with Gabe
written by asaf shalgi, February 04, 2011
We interrupt nature and then we try to solve the new formed problem by interrupting it again! Really?!
written by Cinz, February 04, 2011
Interesting. I will definitely be monitoring the buy levitra online us success/ failure of 100mg cialis this project. Where I'm from (Trinidad and cialis canada Tobago) we are known for our gorgeous coral reef- The Buccoo reef and are having some similar issues...
written by ppnl, February 04, 2011

I don't think the species they are introducing is particularly "exotic". But it is edible so yum.

The sea weed was introduced from people importing it for their aquariums.
written by Gabe, February 06, 2011
I think you misunderstand the meaning of the term"exotic". It means 'not from here'. I wonder what kind of educational system you have extant there.
Western Medicine
written by Paul Johnson, February 09, 2011
sounds like western medicine to me..
deal with the synptoms not the dis-ease.
written by hydrophilia, February 09, 2011
These are native, the captive breeding is to increase population.
written by steamers, August 09, 2011
Interesting. I will definitely be monitoring the success/ failure of this project. Where I'm from (Trinidad and Tobago) we are known for our gorgeous coral reef- The Buccoo reef and are having some similar issues...
written by Sam, August 21, 2011
What a great initiative so much of the earth is getting destroyed and it is great to see people still making efforts to get things right.

I hope the sea urchins win the battle as this seaweed looks like it is suffocating the environment. Thanks for the read smilies/smiley.gif

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