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FEB 04

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"According to a US govt report, there is plenty of lowest price tramadol off-peak night power..."

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Virginia Utility Makes EV Charging Cheaper

Virginia utility Dominion Virginia Power has begun a pilot program that will allow EV owners to charge their batteries for half the cost as long as they do it overnight.

The utility says that at off-peak rates, enough battery power for a 40-mile commute costs $0.86, but for the 750 EV owners who are part of the program, that cost will be lowered to $0.35.  The customers will use a specific charger installed for the program.

The utility may also offer the participants a lower rate for all of their off-peak electricity if they agree to generic cialis tadalafil 20mg pay a variable rate for charging overnight -- somewhere between $0.33 and $0.41 for a 40-mile charge.

It's obvious how the program benefits EV drivers, but a scheme like this helps the how to buy cialis utility too.  By encouraging overnight EV charging, their reducing their load fluctuations during peak hours, which can save them money as well.

via Engadget

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It Depends...
written by bpg131313, February 04, 2011
The problem here is that they aren't thinking far enough down the road. If EV's are truly supposed to become the next great thing, then there will be more and cialis online doctor more of them. More and more cars that will all be charging over night. At what point does it no longer remain "off-peak hours"? There's a lot of optimism here, but I want practicality. I'm hoping it all works out, I really do. I just think there's rather liberal use of rose colored glasses.
written by jcsr, February 05, 2011
The problem here is that they aren't thinking far enough down the road.
Don't worry about the utility Companies bpg131313, they know very well how to take care of themselves. Everything in this world is subject to change. When the Hartford Electric Light Co. first started selling electricity you could save up your used bulbs and take them to their office and get new ones free. Fancy That!
I'm Sure They Are Thinking Long Term Enough
written by Mike999, February 06, 2011
And uncorking Champaign Bottles.

They are starting planning for a build out of viagra for woman better infrastructure.
Which means More AMERICAN JOBS.

This is the beginning of Your Transportation Dollars STAYING in America, Growing Your Economy.

written by Dave K., February 07, 2011
They are thinking long term, study after study (EPRI, DOE)has concluded that something on the order of 3/4ths of our cars would have to be electric to "fill in the valley" of night time load before any new plants are required, this obviously would greatly improve efficiency and reduce emmisions.
EV for renewable energies
written by Thomas | Electriccar, February 17, 2011
Night charging is only one possibility for which EV can be used to support the energy grid. Most of the countries in respect the energy supplier bet on the EV for the future integration of fluctuating renewable energies, like wind and PV. The charging during times when there is a lot of feed in via wind generators could in the future maybe also be paid by the energy suppliers. In such a case you could also make money with your EV.
Plenty of off-peak night power
written by Bryan, February 18, 2011
According to a US govt report, there is plenty of off-peak night power available, that would be otherwise wasted.
“The transmission and distribution or “T&D” system losses amounted to 239 million MWh, or 6.1% of net generation. Multiplying that number by the national average retail price of buy viagra online pharmacy electricity for 2005, we can estimate those losses came at a cost to the US economy of just under $19.5 billion. Congestion charges (the inability of capacitors to be flexible) represent another”.
It could also be used to split water for hydrogen, there is no need to waste any of it.

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