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FEB 17

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"Thank you Kevin for your hemp for fuel information. Every time I read ..."

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A Win-Win for Biodiversity and viagra online switzerland Biofuels


Studies by researchers at Michigan State University indicate that using grasslands can be useful for biofuel stock as well as helping protect bird species.

Much of the current domestic ethanol production is corn based, although there are numerous criticisms against this approach. Cellulosic methods such as using prairie grasses for ethanol production do not produce 'food-or-fuel' conflicts, and can be equal or better yielding feedstocks for the process than corn or sugar. And, according to MSU biologist Bruce Robertson, using grasslands to take cialis produce biofuel feedstock would also provide habitat for a more diverse population of recommended site female levitra birds.

"Robertson and colleagues found that bugs and the birds that feed on them thrive more in mixed prairie grasses than in corn. Almost twice as many species made their homes in grasses, while plots of switchgrass, a federally designated model fuel crop, fell between the two in their ability to sustain biodiversity."

Converting even more land over to undifferentiated monoculture crops for biofuel is likely to be a short-sighted decision, and could lead to further decline of bird species. Developing methods to make fuel by using diverse grasslands could be doubly beneficial, aiding the protection of bird species as well as providing a more carbon sensitive alternative for producing fuel.

image: Matt Sileo/MSU

via: MSU News

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written by kevin, February 20, 2011
I am surprised that a site called "eco GEEK" doesn't have more information about hemp. Hemp would be a great bio fuel for the following reasons:

1. It requires less water than traditional biofuel crops
2. It rarely requires pesticides
3. Does not require fertilizers.
4. 97 % of the old from the seed makes the best buy for viagra conversion to a sustainable fuel
5. Would also produce fiber for clothing or textiles
6. Makes a good rotational crop
7. Could replace corn so we could end corn subsidies (Which were 4 billion last year)

No other crop offers so much from one plant. Set the tree of life FREE
grass bio-fuel
written by fredrik, February 21, 2011
Very interesting indeed. Using already existing grassland will require less pesticides/herbicides and probably doesn't need as much hard work in planting and caring for the crops. I wonder if it will be enough for future needs or if corn/hemp/tree tops (quite common in northern Europe)from chopped down trees will have to be used parallel to grass.

Also, allowing the ecosystems to be natural is a very good thing. Birds, insects, reptiles and rodents as well as some predators makes up for a pretty normal ecosystem, much better then the old agricultural mono-cultures.
written by Asaf Shalgi, February 25, 2011
Thank you Kevin for your hemp for fuel information. Every time I read about hemp I am in awe from all of its advantages.

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