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FEB 26

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"This is terrific technology. Not only for the reduced loss of energy b..."

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Drastic New Reduction in Power Conversion Losses


What if your laptop no longer needed a converter brick? What if the DC power from your solar panels was converted to AC electricity with virtually no power loss from the conversion? What if the regenerative brakes in electric drive vehicles could put power into the batteries with almost no loss from power conversion? New technology could reduce power conversion losses by an estimated 90 percent.

A company called Transphorm, whose investors include Google Ventures and cheap levitra without prescription Kleiner Perkins and which was recipient of a significant ARPA-E grant to develop this technology, is poised to introduce their initial product offerings which can significantly improve power conversion. The technology is based on using gallium nitride instead of buy viagra online cheap uk traditional components to greatly reduce the energy losses in power conversion.

The technology for these new devices is based on developments for the use of gallium nitride for LEDs. In addition to the significant improvement in efficiency, components made in this fashion would also be lighter than conventional converters.

Not only would this be useful for laptop computers, but many renewable energy production systems such as solar photovoltaics and wind turbines would also see an efficiency improvement of a few percent over current systems. It might not seem like much, but the 50mg levitra retail price long term benefits of this, multiplied over billions of devices, could be hugely significant. As the company points out, "More than 10% of all electricity is ultimately lost due to conversion inefficiencies. The scale of this loss exceeds the world's entire supply of renewable generation by an order of online us levitra magnitude." Even if this company can address all of that, it will still take many years to top viagra online sales overcome the current stock of less efficient converters.

via: MIT Technology Review and BoingBoing

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written by Green Leaf Goods, February 26, 2011
It would be great if my MacBook had a solar panel casing on cialis online canada no prescription it... Wonder if that would be enough to power it? Hmm!
need for efficiency
written by Thomas | Electriccar, February 27, 2011
To improve the efficiency of every energy conversion system is most important. And in most of the cases those savings can be realized with very low efforts. Therefore the use of efficient technologies should be the first goal of everybody.
one small step
written by Tony, March 09, 2011
But, considering how much stuff runs on 12v these days, we should be looking at systems where you eliminate the cialis cheaply individual transformers and just dual-wire our homes to provide 12v, perhaps at customizable amperages. A singe step-down transformer would be vastly more efficient, reduce costs, offer cogen capacity if situated where heat could be utilized, etc. This of course would require a system-wide retooling, but what else could match the payback in this new era of mexican generic cialis innovation?
written by Australian Correspondence School, March 11, 2011
This is terrific technology. Not only for the reduced loss of energy but also the reduced production costs and waste from transformers etc.

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