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MAR 09

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"Fresbee, sorry but the disturbed (foiled) wind moves down wind of a tu..."

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Could Climate Change Stop the Wind?


Climate change is mostly thought of as an overall warming of the planet along with localized changes and how to get cialis in canada more drastic weather events. Higher high temperatures, lower low temperatures, heavier rain and snowfalls, and longer periods of drought, as well as other sharp weather events. But there could also be longer term trends that change the purchase viagra without prescription fundamental behavior of levitra rx weather patterns, and that could have a negative impact on wind power.

Large scale wind circulation patterns are driven by the temperature difference between the poles and the temperate regions. If the poles continue to warm faster than the rest of the planet, the temperature gradient will be smaller, and that could have drastic effects on wind patterns.

However, as with all of climate change, the reality of the matter is difficult to predict. Just as global warming became a difficult term because it didn't adequately describe all the local changes, different wind studies have found conflicting results. "A 2008 report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program (USCCSP) noted that wind power could see either “significant positive or negative effects” as a result of climate change."

Wind turbines in some locations might be less affected by this, because some winds are driven more by local conditions than by overall climate. Coastal wind turbines, for example, may be driven more by the natural thermal difference between land and water (which is why it's almost always windy at the cialis and canada custom beach). Local geography and other factors can also influence this, too. Though there is no conclusive information to say which way things are going to go, this shows how complicated not only the issue of climate change itself can be, but how far the consequences can extend.

image: Dennis Murczak for CC:PublicDomain

via: North American Windpower

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The wind and Weather
written by Dirk Jeanis, March 09, 2011
I worked in the Wind Industry in its infant stages in the late 70's early 80's. I think that I can address this very topic in an excellent way.

Let us consider first the North Seas. If one has a wind turbine at sea it may be tens of miles from the nearest shore and maybe hundreds from the windward direction shores. Any small variation in temperatures and legally purchase viagra upper level main currents (jet streams) can create powerful winds when air moves across an unobstructed surface. Minute variations in overall temperature is all that it takes to cause such movement when no mountains or trees exist to inhibit the wind flows. Think of two gigantic masses of air..with temperature (pressure) differences. no matter how small the difference, the air mass is tramadol pill price gigantic, the energy difference massive!

We can now examine more local phenomena such as that of the Central Coast area in California. The coast of California is cooled in the summer by ocean currents from the north. During the cheapest tramadol overseas summer the heat in the Central Valley and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada rises up the Sierra (over 10,000 feet!), drawing in the colder air from the coast. This creates massive movements of air though the passes of the Diablo and other coastal and inland lower mountains.

As one can plainly assess, a minute change in water temperature will have very little effect on these kinds of phenomena. It is the WATER that cools that air and does so very efficiently! It is easiest to point out that these scenarios are both dependent upon the differences in temperature of water and air..air being much less dense it will always change temperature much faster than water! This means that wind may actually increase in these specific scenarios rather than decrease, due to higher air temperatures as a ratio to water temperature change.

There are many other scenarios such as central plains of Russia and the US and also mountain areas near plains etc. Each one has its own cause for local regular high winds, and each one can be assessed separately, however it is doubtful that Kansas will see significantly less wind in the next few tens of thousands of years due to any shift in global temperatures.

The overall point is that wind is both a global and local phenomenon, not just one or the other, and that local influences are much greater than the global ones.

Have a great day and remember, we live on a planet that is self healing given any chance to buying cialis without prescription do so, it heals itself.

The end IS near.
written by mememine69, March 09, 2011
I hate to say it but Obama is a bought and paid for DENIER now.
Obama didn’t even mention the viagra buy now climate change crisis in his State of the Union Address and IPCC funding has been pulled by the Republican voted majority. Carbon markets have collapsed and world governments have walked away from the scientific warnings of unstoppable warming. So why are these scientists not marching in the streets about this crisis and why are they not at least acting like this is usefull link viagra cheap canada as planetary emergency? Shouldn’t they be on cheap levitra pills CNN and Oprha? Why is the world not treating this CO2 climate crisis like the emergency the UN says it is?
I’ve never felt comfortable telling our children that CO2 is going to cause out of control warming for them or their children so should we reconsider this whole issue of CO2 causing pollution still? What ever climate change “was”, its over now. If you don’t know that the now former believer majority voters will not vote yes to taxing the air to save the planet, YOU are the new denier. Continues support is dividing environmental efforts and not helping anyone. It’s a lost cause now. Get ahead of overnight levitra generic the curve everyone and approved viagra fight pollution and further Disco science that’s wasting more and more valuable recourses for social reforms. Population Control? Is the climate change movement sustainable for another 25 years? Of course not.
written by Doc Rings, March 10, 2011
One of the worst Ecogeek headlines yet..."STOP"??? Of course not, change minutely? Maybe. Measurable, problably not.
written by Sherri, March 13, 2011
No, I don't think climate change will ever stop the how to get cialis wind. Wind is produced by many different factors, including the rotation of the earth, and air that has been warmed by the sun rising up into the atmosphere, then cooling and coming back down.
So, if climate change can make the earth stop moving, and the sun stop shining, then yes. But the real answer is no.
Climate change might change it. Windfarms will...
written by Frisbee, March 16, 2011
Large wind farms are causing significant wind 'shadow'. Turbines down the wind catch less wind than do discount tramadol turbines in the front line. I think this phenomenon will have bigger impact on local and potentially even glóbal wind velocity.
No Phil, it couldn't.
written by Rich Davine, March 17, 2011
What a bizarre story to see on Eco Geek. I gotta agree with Doc Rings!
Are you sure you're not planted by the coal and nuclear industry to feed misinformation Phil?
There is nothing credible or conclusive in this story, apart from rumor mongering, or scare tactics to turn off voters, investors and policy makers.
Try and wow)) take cialis find some positive good things that are being done by people for the environment. That's why we like Eco Geek!
I prefer Megans writing.
Windshadow effect in response to cheapest uk supplier viagra Frisbee's comment
written by Dirk Jeanis, October 27, 2012
Fresbee, sorry but the disturbed (foiled) wind moves down wind of a turbine. In approximately 3 diameters of the wind turbine the foiled wind moves back together in a failry normal stream and in fact gains back eht energy per square area. The next wind turbine down wind will see full energy from the wind just a little over three blade diameters.


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