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MAR 09

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"Iceland's leading role in geothermal power is world renowned. The tiny..."

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Iceland Plans to Export Geothermal Energy

Iceland sits on one of the world's greatest geothermal hot spots and a recent discovery of underground lava has increased the amount of geothermal energy the county could be harnessing.  Iceland already gets 81 percent of viagra 100mg price its electricity from the renewable resource and expects to be fully powered by renewable energy by 2050.  With most of its energy needs met, it wants to share with the online ordering levitra rest of Europe.

Iceland's biggest utility company, Landsvirkjun, has announced a plan to build the world's longest undersea cable at 1,180 miles long to carry up to five billion kWh of electricity a year to buy levitra generic European countries -- enough to power 1.25 million homes.  That much energy would be worth several hundred million dollars.

Such a cable will not be cheap to build, but in the long run, Iceland would have a really nice source of revenue and Europe would have an abundant source of clean energy.

via Fast Company

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cut cable
written by Seamus Dubh, March 09, 2011
Imaging the fallout if that cable accidentally gets cut like some telecommunication lines.
We need this in Hawaii too
written by Mauibrad, March 10, 2011
We need this also from the Big Island of Hawaii to the rest of the state. Good example, Iceland.
Accounting magic
written by Fred Farmer, March 10, 2011
Submarine power cables run about $10 million per mile. That's about $12 billion just for the cable. Industrial electricity prices are around 14 cents per kWh, so wholesale sales of 5 billion kWh come in somewhere under $700 million. It would take 17 years just to pay for the cable.
I hate to pick nits...
written by Andrew Levitt, March 16, 2011
I feel the need to generic cialis canada point out that geothermal provides 70% of electricity and 66% of primary energy. 81% is the cheap cialis canada amount of primary energy that comes from renewables.
Self-nit picking
written by Andrew Levitt, March 16, 2011
My bad, I meant to say 70% of electricity comes from hydro and 66% of primary energy comes from geothermal.
can't we all just get along?
written by sarah, March 17, 2011
@ accounting magic, I'm sure they could come up with some agreement with the cable company, piggyback a cable project, or just make it themselves avoiding resale costs. there is always negotiation and economies of scale. It's in multiple stakeholder's best interest.
You Can't Keep A Good Country Down...
written by Carol, March 20, 2011
Bravo to Iceland. Even after allowing 5 of its banks to fail and having to practically give away hotel rooms for several months after their economy's meltdown, they deserve this good fortune. By making their electricity available to others, they will rebuild their economy on a truly sustainable foundation.
written by kellyparkar, April 01, 2014
Iceland's leading role in geothermal power is world renowned. The tiny country wants to sell more of its excess geothermal power and ordering viagra online expertise overseas, MuoviTech is one of the geothermal energy product supplier organization that supply their product all around the united kingdom.

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