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MAR 29

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"Very interesting. The idea of floating solar panels sound very appeali..."

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Floating Solar Power Plants Coming Soon

We've heard about ideas for floating data centers and floating wind turbines; it was only a matter of where to get viagra time before we heard about floating solar power plants.  Australian solar power company Sunengy has just gotten approval for a pilot project in India through a partnership with Tata Power.

The floating solar power units, called Liquid Solar Arrays (LSA), use concentrated photovoltaic technology where a lenses direct the light onto solar cells and move throughout the day to only now generic cialis sale follow the sun.

The company says the advantage to floating a solar power plant is that it erases the need for expensive structures to protect it from inclement weather and high winds -- when rough weather comes along, the lenses just submerge.  Floating on water, whether it be the ocean, a lake or a tiny pond, also keeps the where to buy levitra solar cells cool, which increases their efficiency and lifespan.  You can see a video demonstration of the technology here.

The pilot project should begin construction this August.  Sunengy as another larger array in the works for 2012 and if both projects go well, they plan to go into full production.

via Treehugger

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Clever use of photovoltaic technology
written by Navitas-Solar, March 29, 2011
Myself and the team are very impressed with this photovoltaic technology. The video is very much worth a look... they've thought of everything. Especially like the seasonal movement of the PV Panels.
written by Anon, March 30, 2011
Seems like they would need to be cleaned regularly if in the ocean and getting salt residue on them. This would be even more the case if dunking below for protection often.
Fresh Water
written by Ron, March 31, 2011

All "they" have to do is create 100 square miles of them to we use it cialis woman power the entire US (as I recall from another article I read here)

As far as the order tramadol without prescription corrosion due to salt water... That's ease... Block out a 10mi.X 10mi section in Lake Michigan, Right? Or do a bunch of smaller projects...

The west could use the desert... The east could use lake Michigan.
written by Pris, April 06, 2011
Is there any way that the panels can also catch rays reflecting from the water on their back side?
written by Bellis, May 19, 2011
Very interesting. The idea of floating solar panels sound very appealing. Lets just hope it works!

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