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APR 06

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"I love my Prius, with all 147,000+ miles on it. Never had a mechanic..."

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Toyota Sells One Millionth Prius in U.S.

The Toyota Prius has hit a major milestone:  there are now 1 million of them on U.S. roads.  But it's not just popular in the U.S.  As of a month ago, the hybrid has surpassed 3 million sales worldwide.

More than 97 percent of Priuses sold since the car's debut 11 years ago are still on the road, confirming two things that were unsure back in 2000 -- that millions of cialis sales uk people would want to buy a hybrid electric vehicle and that the vehicle would be just as durable and reliable as a conventional car over a decade later.

That's great news for all the electric car launches happening now and in the near future.  What may seem like a vehicle only coveted by a small percentage of people now, could have millions and millions of drivers in just a decade.  And the benefits will be measurable:  since 2000, the Prius has saved 881 million gallons of gas and 12.4 million tons of CO2 emissions.

via USA Today

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written by Lucky, April 08, 2011
Very good news indeed! Another milestone for EV!
How significant is this number?
written by Lawrence, April 08, 2011
Is one million a lot of cars? How many Camry's were sold in the same time period? F-150s? What are some other cars that have also sold about one million units in the last 10 years?
written by Amy Hatton, April 12, 2011
Its awesome that some people actually care about the earth we live on! I would get a prius if i could afford one!
written by Chandler AZ Guy, April 12, 2011
I love my Prius! I average 48 MPG, traded in my Jeep that got 12 MPG...
written by Tina, April 12, 2011
I'd love to hear Grant's explanation of what qualifies Prius owners as morons. You're wasting people's time with your empty statement, Grant. Justify it with intellectual commentary.

According to the cialis for order article, 97% of all Prii are still on the road...pretty impressive for any vehicle, and even more so for one with such new technology. The higher the demand for hybrid/electric vehicles, the more auto makers will invest in the technology. My entire family (including me) have driven Prii for years, and will continue to buy them.
written by Beverly, April 12, 2011
I love my Prius, with all 147,000+ miles on it.
Never had a mechanical problem (hope I don't jinx myself!) Can't wait to get an all-electric one, one day, when charging stations are the norm.

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