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APR 08

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"This is awesome news! Solar panels... wind farms... the Smart Grid... ..."

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GE to Build Largest Solar Panel Factory in U.S.

GE is going from being a major investor in solar technology to a major manufacturer.  The company is announcing today that it will build the the best place buy canada in levitra largest solar panel factory in the U.S., set to open in 2013.

The factory will produce thin-film cadmium telluride panels at a rate of 400 MW worth per year.  The location of the factory has yeat to be determined, but it already has customers lined up, including NextEra Energy Resources, who is purchasing 60 MW worth of the thin film panels.

The cadmium telluride panels are less efficient than conventional panels, with a record of 12.8 percent efficiency, while conventional panels fall between 16 and 20 percent efficient.  But the benefit to the thin-film panels is that they are cheaper to produce, which has made them attractive to solar developers and how to get viagra in canada GE has stated it plans on both increasing the efficiency of the panels and lowering their costs by 50 percent within the next few years.

via NY Times


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written by june, April 11, 2011
solar energy is a great resource in the earth.
written by kevin, April 12, 2011
june, solar energy is not in the earth. it comes from the look there buying cialis online sun.
written by Karen Crow, April 12, 2011
By the time I can afford it, I won't need it anymore.
Solar panels... Wind farms... the Smart Grid...
written by Lu Williams, August 15, 2011
This is awesome news! Solar panels... wind farms... the Smart Grid... it is wonderful news when the most connected companies in the world put into practice coordinated efforts to viagra online canada no prescription start empowering consumers and our planet. In essence, up till now we have still been using the same electricity system in its structure that we had 100 years ago, with all its aging infrastructure (go to for a better explanation) and we've had very little choice but to pay astronomical power bills and chew up earth's resources. Self-sufficiency, whilst harvesting power from where the wind blows and the sun shines, sounds like the way of the future.

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