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APR 12

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"Good post. Using this night light seems like a very good way to conser..."

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Glowing Pendant Lamp Powered by Ambient Light


At the Milan Furniture Fair, a cool new pendant lamp design was unveiled today.  The Trap Light, as it's called, absorbs waste energy from surrounding ambient light sources during the day and cialis cheap then glows at night without ever being plugged in.

The hand-blown glass of the Trap Light is embedded with the photoluminescent pigments during its production.  The pigments store energy from light bulbs (LED, CFL or incandescent) present in the purchasing cialis same room.  Only 30 minutes of exposure to surrounding light is needed for the lamp to glow for eight straight hours.

Check out the website for some more photos of this beautiful design and how it's made.

via Inhabitat

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Where & how much
written by Mark Jarret, April 12, 2011
where will this be available from & how much. Great idea for a kids night light which uses no energy. i would be interested in one in the UK
Are these things safe?, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Skip Hire Birmingham, April 13, 2011
What a brilliant idea great for the garden or as mentioned by Mark a childs night light. On a larger scale could they be used to light stadiums for evening events?
written by Sal, April 13, 2011
Someone needs to stop these sick people before we end up with hot, exploding shards of glass entering our bloodstreams due to the inevitable photon over-charging that is bound to happen!

And our bright-as-day evening events at our stadiums will seem like a great idea since it's all free energy... UNTIL THE EXPLODING PHOTON GLASS KILLS EVERYONE!
written by Destiny, April 21, 2011
I totally had this idea when I was about seven years old, not that I knew how to make it happen. I'm glad to see it become a reality, though.
written by Bright Light Pillow, July 25, 2013
Good post. Using this night light seems like a very good way to conserve more energy. Thanks for sharing.

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