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NOV 15

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"i have been intrested in preservation of older buildings for a long ti..."

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Very Large Scale Recyling


Ecogeeks are, as you well know, interested in recycling in all forms. While most of buying generic cialis what gets us geeked is the new, high-tech recycling, sometimes some very old-fashioned techniques (with some modern upgrades) get us excited, as well.

There was a circus of activity near my house recently as a roughly 150-year-old house was moved from downtown to an open lot only a block from my own house.

Dietz House Moving Engineers, the company that handled the move, calls themselves members of the follow link how much cialis "world's oldest recycling industry." Given that they kept more than 200 tons of material from being demolished and soft viagra quick delivery landfilled (and at the same time, were able to avoid using tons more material for the construction of a similar sized house on the lot which might have otherwise been constructed on the lot), they are certainly doing good green work, even if it's not what we immediately think of when we think of recycling.

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written by chuck lalonde, June 18, 2007
i have been intrested in preservation of older buildings for a long time especially greek revival here in michigan i still see them being destroyed.also many other buildings that are owned by speculaters and developers.i would like to find resources on wow it's great generic online cialis aqiring moving and deconstructing and reconstructig old buildings. i hope in a year or two to attempt my own learning experiment.

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